Working like a boss

11/01/2015 | By Mette-Marie Rathmann Erenskjold

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The day started with a nice cup of coffee and a Danish styled breakfast. The teams were excited to get started with today’s work but they were also tired from working all night long. Although, there was no time to be tired due to the short announcement about Open Data right after breakfast time. Open Data is a tool available for the teams during the weekend and for that we had two experts to help them using it. After another Danish meal we had the mentor´s briefing and some of them stayed the rest of the day working with the teams. In the meanwhile some of the teams went outside Navitas to validate their ideas by asking people´s opinions in the street.


The day has been filled with energy and excitement and the teams are continuously working on developing their ideas but tonight a large beer will be needed!

By Teresa Santos and Mette Marie Rathmann Erenskjold