Business in the good life

11/12/2015 | By Aleksander Bordvik

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Inspirational challenge from Nordea Liv & Pension


How can Nordea Liv & Pension improve the health of our customers?


The Good & Healthy Life

Health is an important matter in regard to pension and insurance. Today people live longer than they used to – and therefore they need more savings since their senior life may last until 100 years or more.

For an insurance company it is profitable to help customers remain healthy – both mentally and physically – as healthy people use their insurance solutions less than people falling ill.

Therefore, Nordea Liv & Pension is interested in business ideas that will better lives of customers in ways that positively reflects back on the company’s bottom line figures.

Business of Nordea Liv & Pension

We care for our customers. We want them to live a long and healthy life. Every year we pay out millions of kroner to people that either get  sick (mentally or physically) or unfortunately die. Encouraging people to adopt healthier behaviors in multiple aspects of their lives is really good business – for them, us and society! We think, that using technology is the key – but how? Help us to help our customers!


Watch the short film

Be inspired to create new business ideas, products and services for Nordea Liv & Pension by watching the short film introducing the idea of an app keeping track of all daily activities – making it possible realising dreams and personal ambitions.


Facts about Nordea Liv & Pension

Nordea Liv & Pension is one of the largest life insurance companies in Denmark offering insurance and pensions saving solutions based on the best investment funds in the market. The company serves approximately 300,000 customers on the best ways saving up for retirement and choosing relevant insurances.