Meet Lasse from Coinify

04/28/2015 | By Aleksander Bordvik

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We have allied us with one of the most knowledgeable people in Denmark about Bitcoins for the upcoming Startup Weekend in Copenhagen. Lasse Birk Olesen, who founded Bitcoin Nordic in 2012 that quickly grew and became very established within the fintech environment. In 2014 Coinify bought Bitcoin Nordic and Lasse became a part of Coinify, where he today serves as the Chief Product Officer.

Lasse is still very much involved with Bitcoins.

  • Coinify develops an easy integration for accepting Bitcoins and trades Bitcoins.
  • Lasse has a blog abut digital currencies with the Børsen (Danish financial newspaper).
  • He is a frequent speaker about Bitcoins and their effect on payments at international conferences, radio and other media.

At Telenor's Digital Winners conference Lasse's talk about Bitcoin was the most viewed, and now you can get the advantage of his insight. You can see it here.

You can meet Lasse at Startup Weekend Finance