Meet our #swCPH speakers: Nikolaj Nyholm

11/18/2014 | By Bibiana Kysuck‡,

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Nikolaj is a four-time entrepreneur, a partner at Sunstone Capital – a technology venture capital firm, investor, and much more. He is a true visionary, capable of combining technical visions with leadership, which lead to stunning results. These were in form of successful ventures, later acquired by companies such as Vodafone and Apple. Not only Nikolaj’s knowledge in tech field is very strong but he also possesses great insights of the business side of building companies.

Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj was even recognized as a technology pioneer by World Economic Forum in 2008. On his LinkedIN profile he states that his interests include: gaming, open source/crowdsourcing, and community marketplaces. We are 99,9% sure (because nothing covers a hundred) that Nikolaj’s understanding of tech, future and inspirational capabilities as a speaker are going to boost Startup Weekend’s participants’ drive and visions of their teams and ideas.

We are looking so much forward to host Nikolaj as a speaker! You too? A tiny hint: take a look at his talk at Slush if you are as eager as we are: