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04/26/2015 | By Aleksander Bordvik

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There are a few roles that still haven't been set on the final team:

  • Social media guru, help us market the event on social media and ensure that we are engaged with the community.
  • A friendly networker for help in the actual weekend, make the participants feel at home and engaged in their entrepreneurial journey.

If you want to help us make this weekend a great experience for all. The current team is consistent of very friendly people who all have experience with organising Startup Weekend before.

We are working together at different times, so if you prefer to work from home on tasks before the event, that is not a problem. We use simple task lists, that is easy to work with.

For the actual weekend we are very flexible about timing, it is important to us that you also enjoy your time with Startup Weekend.

If you want to help out - please get in touch by sending an email to and tell us the following:

  • Name
  • Contact info
  • What role you would like to help with
  • How much time do you have to help

We will get in touch with you short afterwards.

What is Startup Weekend?

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