Welcome Startup Weekend Copenhagen Finance 2016!

01/11/2016 | By Jernej Dekleva

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Startup Weekend Copenhagen is proud to announce another Finance edition on 4th of March 2016. Together with our main partners CFIR and Finansforbundet we are aiming to ignite the Danish finance industry. Read more about the event here.

Many startups have emerged in the Nordic region in the last few years and are shaping the industry. New ways of borrowing, saving money, paying for services and sending/buying currencies are already shaping our daily life.

Startup Weekend Copenhagen, CFIR and  Finansforbundet in collaboration with the local partners such as  Københavns Kommune, DJØF, Finansrådet, NETS, Saxo Bank, BEC and TRYG are focusing on bringing together developers, designers, marketers, financiers and anyone who has a passion for finance and innovation.

We have a special treat for you! Limited Super Early Bird tickets:

5 tickets for 180 DKK if you use the discount code: “SuperEarlyCPHSW

5 tickets for 220 DKK if you use “EarlyCPHSW” code

*If the discount codes are not working, it's because they are gone and used already. Hurry up!

You still have time until February 8th to claim early bird ticket for 250 DKK. After that you can only purchase full price ticket for 450 DKK (in case if you are a student you can get a ticket for 375 DKK).

Got an idea? Have 54 hours? Then join us on March 4th at Finansforbundet in beautiful Christianshavn.

Follow Startup Weekend Copenhagen for latest updates on Facebook, Twitter @cphSW and Instagram @cphsw. Follow #CPHSW hashtag on Twitter for latest SW Finance updates during the event!

Join us at the Startup Weekend Finance pre-event on February 22nd in Copenhagen [link]. The event is FREE of charge where you will learn more about the workshop, have a chance to ask questions and meet other participants.

Remember, you need to buy tickets to attend Startup Weekend!

You can buy tickets here!

In May 2015 we had a great chapter of SW Copenhagen Finance. See the recap of SW Finance CPH 2015.


Further resources on FinTech:

- Don’t miss Christian Gabriel’s blog post on Medium about Danish FinTech landscape. Very great resource to have an overview in finance industry.

- If you want to know what is happening in FinTech in European context, definitely read the article that maps out all FinTech players.