Challenges from Nykredit

06/07/2018 | By Aleksander Bordvik

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For the upcoming Techstars Startup Weekend Fintech Copenhagen, we have two challenges that we are bringing to the attendees. They are brought together with Nykredit, who is also hosting Startup Weekend. Each Challenge have a separate jury, who will be judging the teams applicable for the challenges.

Challenge 1:

The future of home ownership?

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Today 7 out of 10 Danes will become home owners at some point in their lifetime. 

If more people wish to become home owners, how can we make that possible?

And how can we facilitate owning a home earlier in life? 

For many people becoming a home owner is one of the larger decisions in life. Understanding a set of complex financial products as well as the financial obligations connected to home ownership is making the decision process a nerve wrecking experience for many. 

Nykredit has existed in over 165 years as an important partner in helping Danes making the dream of becoming homeowners come true. It is our ambition that through a close partnership with Totalkredit we will continue to be an attractive financial partner for homeowners in the future. We will secure this position by developing new services which meets the customers’ needs and by continuously challenging the market.

That’s why the challenge is: How can we make buying a home more accessible ?

For inspiration and considering 

  • Sharing economy 
  • Micro segmenting 
  • Creating sustainable communities by digitization for rural areas 
  • New use of buildings/adaptation of buildings for new purposes
  • Crowdfunding or crowdinvestment
  • Partnerships across sectors


Challenge 2:

Business banking services for the future

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The business banking space is ripe for disruption – small and medium sized businesses customers (SMB’s) are setting higher expectations towards hassle free digital solutions, that can support the success of their business. At the same time, new competition is entering the market with digitally nimble fintech offerings such as low-cost international transfers, billing automation or financing solutions, etc.

The accelerating wave of digital innovations includes new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotics that enables the development of new products and services to meet the changing expectations of the SMB customer. In parallel the new Payment Service Directive (PSD2) forces banks to provide access to customer account data and payment initiation via API’s, which opens new opportunities for third parties to develop customer facing app’s or partner with banks.

So how can we help SMB’s with their financial needs, by utilizing the future of digital business banking services.

  • What are the customer expectations of today’s SMB customer, towards their financial service provider?
  • How can we make one or more unique concepts for today’s SMB customers?
  • How can we use technology to help the SMB customer in their day to day business?
  • You must consider the PSD2 and open banking trend, where multiple accounts and payments can be tied together and data can be extracted across banks