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06/13/2018 | By Aleksander Bordvik

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NRP (Ny Realkredit Platform) is a REST API in working progress designed to support Totalkredit’s* lending procedures. A subset of this API will be available for you to use with a limited set of test data.

Learn more about the API at or shorturl (Swagger/OpenAPI specifications).

The Swagger specifications contain detailed information for each API.

Customer API

Mortgage customers, lookup information about customers such as name and address.

Mortgage Loan API

A customer’s active mortgage loan information provides details such as:

  • instalment schedule
  • list of borrowers
  • funding information
  • real properties (collateral)

Real Property API

This information includes both basic information regarding the real property, such as address

and usage category, as well as selected information from appraisals.

Good luck!

We are very excited to see how you make use of the API, in the context of existing borrowers

(self-service), apps for people browsing the real estate market or new uses of our data together

with other publicly available information.

*Totalkredit A/S is a mortgage lending institution in Denmark that provides residential mortgage loans,

offered through partner mortgage brokers from local and national banks.



Geomatic API

During the Hackathon you will have access to information provided by Geomatic (a danish data provider) through their API. The API will provide you with unique and rich data sources, including:

  • Addressed and property specific data on “Property Data (BBR & ESR)”
  • Anonymize profile data at the address level from the “Danish Demographical Universe”, with predictions on demographic and social economic status.

You can read more about Geomatic’s API at the following link – including technical details on

the API and an account of the specific variables the data source provides: (only available in Danish, sorry!)

We hope you will find this data source highly useful and inspiring, and are looking forward to

see what applications you can come up with.

Please note that specific terms and conditions are attached to the use of Geomatic data –

specifically, when using the Geomatic API for this Hackathon you are agreeing to only retrieve

data on the addresses provided by Nykredit, and you furthermore agree to delete any data

retrieved though the Geomatic API by the end of the Hackathon.

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