ستارتب ويكند أسيوط 2018

    Thursday, June 28 - 30, 2018

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ستارتب ويكند أسيوط 2018

Thursday, June 28 - 30, 2018

Thursday, June 28 - 30, 2018
Event starts at 2:00 pm

WE Innovate

Assiut, Egypt

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ستارتب ويكند أسيوط 2018

ستارتب ويكند أسيوط 2018 هو أحد أحداث ستارتب ويكند مصر - والذي يقام للمرة الثانية في مدينة أسيوط حيث يقوم فيه المصممون والمطورون والمبتكرون بعرض الأفكار وتشكيل الفرق وبناء شركات ناشئة قوية على مدار عطلة نهاية الأسبوع والذي يستمر من الفترة الخميس 26/4 حتى السبت 28/4 بمقر WE Innovate بـأسيوط.

فعاليات ستارتب ويكند عالمياً هي عبارة عن فعاليات مدتها 54 ساعة مصممة لتوفير تعليم تجريبي متفوق لأصحاب المشاريع الفنيين وغير التقنيين؛ حيث تتركز الأحداث على العم4ل والابتكار والتعليم. بدءاً من عرض الأفكار يوم الخميس والاستمرار في التعلم والبناء ، وتطوير نماذج الأعمال ، وإنشاء النماذج الأولية بنهاية ليلة اليوم الثالث السبت، وتتويج الفائزين بالمراكز الأولى والتي يتم عرضها على لجنة من الحكام الخبراء، المستثمرين المحتملين وأصحاب الشركات العملاقة. على أن يتم توافر التحدي للمشاركين في بناء شركاتهم الناشئة أثناء الحدث ، ويكونوا قادرين على التعاون مع الأفراد ذوي التفكير المماثل خارج دوائرهم اليومية. أو فقط الشخصية.

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Thursday June 28th

2:00 pm
Arrive at the venue and get checked in

4:00 pm
Welcome & Speakers
Review agenda for the weekend and introduce speakers, coaches, and community leaders

5:00 pm
Pitches Start
Optionally line up to give your pitch

7:00 pm
Attendees vote for the top pitches

8:00 pm
Dinner & Networking
Eat food, share ideas, practice pitches, get to know fellow participants

8:30 pm
Form Teams
Teams start forming and discussing ideas

9:00 pm
Begin Work
Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow

Friday June 29th

8:30 am
Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee

9:00 am
Begin Work
Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend

11:00 am
Check-in, status reports, call for help

12:00 pm
Prayer Break

2:00 pm
Event Speeches
It's time for some inspiration from success stories of entrepreneurs.

3:00 pm

7:30 pm
After-dinner check-in, status reports, call for help

9:00 pm
Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow

Saturday June 30th

8:30 am
Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee

9:00 am
Coaches arrive. Final opportunity to ask questions

10:00 am
Coach Meetings
Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS

2:00 pm

3:00 pm
Presentation Prep & Tech Check
Final hours of worktime should be focused on perfecting your presentation, tech-check for final presentations also takes place

4:00 pm
Final Presentations

6:30 pm
Judging & Awards

7:30 pm

8:30 pm

9:00 pm
Go Home!

Event Judges

Rasha Tantawy
Entrepreneurship & Business Support Department Head, TIEC

Rasha is the head of entrepreneurship at TIEC, ITIDA. Rasha has built extensive networks and assets in the global entrepreneurial marketplace. An entrepreneur herself with multiple failures and currently on board her company AGTA packaging, Rasha loves to help other entrepreneurs reach for the stars. Rasha spent much time in government developing the Entrepreneurship department at TIEC managing the Accelerator program, Mobile Monday, Business support amongst other support programs offered to startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs in ICT plus  being part of the team that compiled the ICT2020 strategy for Egypt.   Rasha has worked with and consulted with various European commission projects as part of FP7 and H2020. Rasha participates in local and international conferences as a speaker and in various leading universities on entrepreneurship, developing entrepreneurial environments, business modeling, and role of government. She worked closely with international entities like the EIB, ALECSA, ANIMA and the CMI on entrepreneurship and innovation projects for the MENA and EuroMED region. Her consultancy work includes developing the MENA innovation index , developing KPIs for Technology Parks and developing an innovation diagnostic tool for SMEs in these regions. Rasha mentors entrepreneurs regularly with a special focus on women and youth. Rasha is part of the EuroMED business Women network which serves women of the Mediterranean region. Rasha holds a Masters in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University, a Masters in Management of Technology from Nile University. She is also finalizing her Doctorate in the area of Entrepreneurship in developing countries at the University of Switzerland.

Hosny M. Ibrahim
CEO at xWARE Integrated Solutions

Prof. Hosny is the Chief Executive officer of xWARE Integrated Solutions. He has accumulated experience in the IT market in Egypt for over 30 years. A very early entrepreneur himself, Prof. Hosny has started the first IT company in Upper Egypt to provide internet service before the emergence of DSL lines. He developed several business models within the company over the past twenty years to adapt to market changes and to follow global technology trends. As a professor of Information Technology at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Prof. Hosny bridges academia with industry. His rich research portfolio inspires new ideas to be adopted in industry. He has also worked with and consulted with various governmental organizations in Egypt, such as MCIT, Assiut Governorate, ICTP, IDSC and Assiut Chamber of Commerce. He has been the Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information for over eight years. Prof. Hosny is currently serving as the Chief Information Officer of Assiut University where he has been managing several IT projects within campus. He is also a panel reviewer in the ITAC program sponsored by ITIDA. Being a member in Eitesal board, he invests some of his time in community service and building IT capacity in Upper Egypt. Prof. Hosny holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University, USA and has a registered engineering certification from Iowa state.

Coaches and Mentors

Fady Nabil
Program Manager at Etisalat

Fady presents more than 15 years of experience in Telecom and IT Industry. He is working at Etisalat Misr and worked for EMAK, UNDP, and British Telecom. He acted as a Team Leader for Middle East and Africa group in PDPM (Post Disaster Project Management), one of PMI‘s voluntary programs. He served as Head of Public Relation committee for PMI MENA chapter in Egypt on 2011.He continues his voluntary work for PMI MENA Chapter. Fady was a part of Startup weekend Mansoura Team. He was mentoring in Giza SW, Cairo Startup Cup, Orange Startup Cup and AUC V labs.. Fady is PMP, Executive Coaching and PMI- RMP certified. He has also supported his hands-on experience, management sense and intuition with an MBA, from ESLSCA University in France, majoring in Global Management. Fady was one of core team that organizing Cairo Startup Cup in 2013. He also led a team in MAKCBI, NGO that develop Project Management curriculum for entrepreneurs. Currently, Fady is a certified trainer for Intel ideation camp and mentor in PWC entrepreneurship programs. Currently, Fady was a mentor in MIE9 competition with IEEE and a mentor for coaching committee in IEEE CUB.

Abdelrahman Hosny
Research & Development Engineer, xWARE

Abdelrahman is a Research and Development Engineer at xWARE Integrated Solutions. He is also a teaching assistant at the Computer Science department, Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University. Abdelrahman has extensive background on research-oriented software products. His research is focused on studying the next generation of computing infrastructure that opens wider doors for data-driven applications. At xWARE, he leads software teams, shipping medium and large scale applications deployed on a cloud infrastructure. He has also founded several local communities focused on technology. In the past three years, he mentored a number of software teams to deliver successful tech products. Abdelrahman has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Connecticut, USA; with a focus on machine learning methods. He will help Startup Weekend teams to crystallize their ideas into products, and choose a suitable software architecture / technology to deliver the intended value.

Zienab Fatehy
CTO & Co-founder of ClueApps

Zienab is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ClueApps. According to her role for the past 3 years, she has been working closely with a lot of mobile app startups to help them start, validate, and enhance their business journey. Having a background in computer science in addition to business experience, she is acting as the middleware between the technical side and business side. She has extensive experience in development, design, testing, marketing, management, and business development. Zienab is going to help Startup Weekend teams validate their mobile apps ideas and put an action plan of execution that delivers the business goals.

Tarek Safwat
Founder & CEO at BreakOut Egypt

Tarek graduated in 2012 with a double major in Innovation Management & Marketing; he sounds like a nerd but he barely survived his bachelor degree. His mix passion between providing people with a happy social experience and sales started at a younger age hustling between some “Saboba Projects” in school. With the lack of retail/entertainment services startups in Egypt, in 2014 Tarek decided to start BreakOut, a company which kidnaps people for 1 hour just for fun to be the first of its kind in Egypt, now a trend called Real Room Escape. From an Entertainment company run by 3 employees to a parent company with several brands and around 40 employees & workers. Safwat Enterprises has become a growing company within 3 key industries of Entertainment, Corporate Training and Food & Beverages.

Karim Morcos
Founder & Managing Director at Imperial Creation

Karim Morcos founded Imperial Creation, his own shop for creating mobile and web apps. At Imperial, he worked with other entrepreneurs to plan & develop their ideas. Karim is obsessed with image processing & computer vision. Karim Collaborated with Ergo Consulting Egypt to provide bootcamps for the Entrepreneurs of “YouthinkGreen” under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade & Industry. Karim also is a co-founder of PABLO. PABLO allows users draw/paint on plain air with light, without using any special hardware (long exposure video app). PABLO was mentioned in TechCrunch, TechTimes, DigitalTrends, Uncrate, PetaPixel, and many more. Karim's latest venture is an AI platform that is aimed to help entrepreneurs deliver better pitches.

Sohad Hammad
Marketing and Business Development Manager at Edventures

Sohad is a Marketeer with an infinite passion to marketing and branding combined with eight years of experience across a broad range of industries and marketing functions such as FMCGs, Telecommunications, and Consumer Electronics in  leading multinationals. 
Sohad also has a great passion towards training as impacting peoples lives and helping them reach their maximum potential is her main vision. Sohad recently joined EdVentures - MENA's leading corporate venture capital for education and learning startups as the Marketing and Business Development Manager.

Alaa Attya
Technical Team Lead at Tajawal

Alaa is a technical team lead at Tajawal. He is a coding tweaker, web apps killer, and techie fan. Alaa has over 6 years of industry experience in software engineering, working for top-level companies such as Eventtus, A15 and Entlaqa in addition to side open source projects. He believes that tech is here to help entrepreneurs grow their business and help people in their day to day work to make their life even easier. He has developed many products ranging from small, medium to corporate size applications. Alaa is a world-class coach who has worked with and mentored many in-house software teams as well as remote ones. He believes in remote work (inspired by David Heinemeier Hansson). He usually spends his time learning whatever new technology pops up for his job assignments and also for his personal entertainment. Alaa believes in automation; in fact, everyone should automate any repetitive amount of work. He will help Startup Weekend teams discover technology options and plan for their next state-of-the-art tech product.

Abdelrahman Badary
Senior Software Engineer at xWARE

Abdelrahman (aka: zetta) is a Senior Software Engineer at xWARE. His main focus is on iOS development. Abdelrahman has over four years of experience on mobile development. He has shipped a number of interesting apps on different mobile platforms. You have probably used Nilefm and Nogoumfm iOS radio apps. It has been due to the major contribution of Abdelrahman. He has also worked on “Glossom”: a makeup video tutorial application, “Innovation summit egypt": the official application for Schneider electric “Innovation summit” event in Egypt and a number of other apps. Abdelrahman has a Bachelor in Computer Science and he is going to help Startup Weekend teams choose the right mobile technology to start with.

Ahmed Adel
Senior Mobile Developer at Mawdoo3

Ahmed is a Software Engineer at Mawdoo3. His main focus is on Android development, with applications in Natural Language Processing applications. He has over four years of experience on mobile development. With a background in Computer Science, he has developed cutting-edge mobile apps at different software houses. He has worked for Extreme Solutions to build the official application of Nilefm on Android. He has also worked for Vezeeta for the mobile app product. Before joining Mawdoo3, he has been a mobile developer at xWARE, where he built scalable event management Android applications, along with other apps. Ahmed is going to help Startup Weekend teams utilize the Android platform to transform their ideas into reality.

Ahmed Dahe
Incubation Senior Specialist, TIEC

Ahmed Mohamed M. Dahe is Incubation Senior Specialist in TIEC and he is the director of TIEC programs in Assiut. He is working in assisting and mentoring and evaluating (TIEC) incubated companies Besides that, He holds MBA degree, He is also a certified entrepreneurship trainer from national and international institutions, Ahmed participated in several international projects aimed to support entrepreneurship and start up formation in Washington DC, USA , Freie university of Berlin, Germany and Politechnico Di Torino University, Italy. This is beside his work in projects funded by TEMPUS program by the European commission. He is participating as a trainer and mentor in several initiatives that focus in entrepreneurship support, in the past 5 years he trained and mentored over 400 teams on how to turn their ideas into business and also how to protect their ideas. He is interested in supporting Technology Transfer that links research, businesses, and the community together by bridging the technological innovation gap. That is beside his interest in Nano-Technology, as he prepared his master degree in Nano-Science.

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