SW Helsinki 2015 Winner Froodly: On a Mission To Reduce Foodwaste

08/06/2015 | By Ekaterina Perfilyeva

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co



It’s been almost two months since we’ve had Startup Weekend Helsinki shake the capital of Finland yet again. In this blog post we would like to share our pride in seeing one of the winning teams continuing working on their idea and taking some big steps towards creating a successful business. We’ve interviewed Brennan Clark from Team Froodly who are eliminating food waste through upselling discounted food at local supermarkets.

Organisers: How did it feel like at Startup Weekend Helsinki?

Brennan: It was my first experience at such kind of events. It was a blast, a lot of fun, a lot of hard work and I got to meet lots of different people, great mentors and coaches. There was a lot of validation – I got to test our idea by talking to real people, it was exciting, it felt like being thrown curve balls – we only had 2.5 days to figure out what to do with our idea. I came to Startup Weekend by myself and met Shahram who pitched the idea of what eventually became Froodly; we both had interest in that so it worked out very well for us.

Organisers: How far did you manage to progress on the original idea from pitching in the beginning of Startup Weekend to the end of the event?

Brennan: The progress was pretty amazing. The initial idea was actually a little different from what we ended up with. We tested some things with that just didn’t seem to work with potential users so we span the idea completely and came up with a new business model.

Organisers: How did you progress after Startup Weekend?

Brennan: After the academic year was over I got back to Helsinki and we’ve been working on the idea with Shahram ever since. We’ve started our first campaign, we’ve got some great contribution from users, we’ve set up our website. Now we’re testing with contributors and first users.

Organisers: Can you briefly describe the idea behind Froodly?

Brennan: Froodly has a dual business model: on one side there are contributors who create content about discounted food, on the other side there are environmentally- and price conscious users who are interested in that content. The contributors get green credits for sharing content that they can cash for green rewards such as planting trees, for example. Froodly is all about being environmentally friendly.

Organisers: What are your plans for the near future?

Brennan: First we are doing a lot of validation – we have already partnered with K-supermarket Kaisaniemi so we’re testing both user and contributor models right now. Once both are validated, we hope to get into an accelerator.

Team Froodly is a great example of how idea development and hard work can continue after Startup Weekend. As organisers, we especially love to see the team taking validation – a very essential part of Startup Weekend – to the next level and testing their model continuously.

We wish Team Froodly lots of luck and success with their idea! Check out their website and food rescue campaign to find out how they will bring positive impact to food waste challenge!