How was Startup Weekend – Aino

01/17/2018 | By Antti Pitkänen

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In this series we get to know the team members behind Startup Weekend Tampere and their experiences in previous Startup Weekends they have attended.

Who are you?

I am Aino. I graduated last year from the University of Tampere and have now been working at Tampere University of Technology entrepreneurship and innovation services, Y-kampus, for almost a year.

Among Startup Weekend participants I would probably fall into the category of designers as I do graphic design and photography in my free time. I could also fall into the “other” category since I studied law and business. Anyway this event is not all about these categories, but mixing different skills and backgrounds together so that’s what they are mostly for.

What is your role in organizing Startup Weekend Tampere?

My responsibility in creating this event is mostly marketing and marketing materials. Peace.

Have you attended a Startup Weekend before? When and where?

I attended Startup Weekend in Oulu about a one year ago. I participated just for fun, I had nothing to do that weekend so I bought the ticket after reading some stuff about the event and then went to learn something new and meet new people. “Creating a startup in 54 hours. Eat, sleep, create, repeat. No talk, all action.” Sold!

What was your experience like in Startup Weekend?

The event was just great. We formed a team and worked our project called “Rack”. It was a mobile application to trade your unboxed clothing and we actually came in second if I remember correctly. We even went out to ask people what they think about this idea and our MVP. I learned so much in one weekend about building a business.

Have you continued working with the project that you worked on in Startup Weekend and/or the people you met there after the event? How?

We have been in touch and some of us have had meetings after. Anyway continuing the project was the intention because we were very excited about our idea but it was challenging with everyone living in different cities.

What do you think was the biggest benefit you got from attending Startup Weekend? What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the teamwork and doing the best we could in short amount of time. I really enjoyed working hard with my team and also getting to know other teams and people. After all I went to Oulu and I knew literally no-one from there in the beginning.

Also a big thing was that our team had so much different people also from different countries: one university researcher, students, one high school student and people working for different companies. We had so much to learn from each other.  

Why do you want to bring Startup Weekend to Tampere?

Immediately after the event I thought this has to be brought to Tampere, because I had a really good and educational experience in Oulu (and also because even Turku has Startup Weekend now, but we don’t). Startup community is growing fast in Tampere so this is the best time to attend and meet amazing new people with different backgrounds!

For whom would you recommend attending Startup Weekend Tampere?

I recommend this event to anyone with an idea to test or anyone without an idea who wants to simply meet new people, learn many things, eat and use their weekend for creating something new.

I also recommend this specifically to designers who want to get more experience in creating fast mockups or designs in a very short amount of time or otherwise want to try working in a startup team for a while. Great way to present your work to people and also test your skills!

Aino is part of the team organizing Startup Weekend Tampere in March 2018.