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02/13/2018 | By Antti Pitkänen

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In this series we get to know the team members behind Startup Weekend Tampere and their experiences in previous Startup Weekends they have attended. This is Elisa's story about attending Startup Weekend in Turku in the fall of 2017.

Hello there! Interested in startups and entrepreneurship? Startup Weekend is a perfect opportunity to experience what it is all about in just 54 hours!

My first Startup Weekend experience took me all the way to Turku. I have dreamed of starting my own company for a couple of years but I still had not found the perfect idea. Or had the necessary push element it seems!

I had my idea on the same day that I pitched it in Turku. I had been following the discussion about whether sexual harassment is a problem also in Finland and the engineering half of me started to ponder:

“A lot of talk, but how to solve this with data?”

A little hint, concentrate on the problem you want to solve and don’t love your original concept too much. It will surely change!

On Friday I pitched the idea of gathering data of sexual harassment based on location from anyone with an app. During the weekend this idea developed further into a reporting system which could make it easier for employees to report about incidents which have made them feel uncomfortable.

The development during the weekend was fast-paced with the coaching of the amazing mentors and 3 validation rounds at the local Shopping mall. With an app prototyping tool named Hotgloo we even built a really simple interface for our app in order to test it out.

On Sunday we were sitting nervous in our seats waiting for our turn to pitch. Just when I was finalizing our slides I got the news. Kauppalehti, a Finnish business magazine, had just published an article where two experts had just said that we need anonymous reporting tools to tackle sexual harassment in Finland. Talk about perfect timing!

Everything had fallen perfectly in place and we won the Startup Weekend, receiving 4 months of office space in Turku and Polar Bear Pitching tickets as a prize! However, the most important prizes from the weekend were the people that you meet. People who are like-minded, creative and supportive.

In case you have ever thought about either starting your company or working in a startup, mark 2-4.3.2018 in your calendar and buy a ticket to the first ever Startup Weekend Tampere! I will welcome you there with our amazing team of organizers from Y-kampus, Tampere ES and Tribe Tampere.

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Elisa is part of the team organizing Startup Weekend Tampere in March 2018.