Second Belgo-French Startup Weekend is taking a place in Lille

08/23/2017 | By Jernej Dekleva

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Hi Startup Weekend people!

My name is Jay. I'm a facilitator and organizer at Startup Weekend currently based in Copenhagen. I have exciting news if you are from Lille and Brussels. Yep, it’s obvious from the title. I’m very excited about this one in particular.

You might ask why? It’s not the fact that this will my 8th Startup Weekend that I will facilitate but because I lived in Lille for a year during my Erasmus exchange while studying entrepreneurship.

I had such an amazing time in Lille and visited many places around the city as well. I've been a couple of times in Paris, Brussels, Brugge and Ghent. Wow, what a lovely area of Europe!

I’ve been attending IESEG School of Management for 2 semester period where besides taking business classes I was learning French language. However thanks to my Mexican friends I ended up with a minor in Spanish (high five). I stayed in Foyer International dormitory where we throwing the most legendary parties ever!

But enough about me! I would love to welcome you to join Belgo-French Startup Weekend for an epic experience in September.

I attended my first startup weekend in 2012 I didn’t have any high expectations. And I was so wrong! I ended up meeting so many like minded people and ended up asking my self “why didn’t I do this before?”. It’s a fantastic experience that it left me being super excited after the weekend.

Everybody is welcome to join and you don’t need to have an idea to pitch. You can join someone’s else idea you would like to work during the weekend. This is going to be quite epic set up since we will have participants both from France, Belgium and other countries as well. Perfect playground with a solid foundation to test and validate your idea designed with international scope.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Startup Weekend process let’s go through very quickly so you know what to expect over the weekend:

Day 1:

- Come early and mingle; it pays off to be social and get to know some attendees before the weekend starts

- I would really recommend pitching an idea; even though is not obligatory to pitch an idea, it’s a perfect opportunity to get in front of a crowd and be seen. If you don’t have an idea, try to pitch a problem you would like to solve.

- Top ideas voting

- Forming the teams; sell your idea or join a team/idea you really see yourself working with and contribute with your skills.

Day 2:

- Discuss what’s next and what final outcome should be; features, business models, market research etc.

- Test your assumptions; validate your project with mentors and experts, ask random people on every corner (not your friends and family) what they think about your solution.

- Start building the solution; paper prototype, design, ppt, mock up, website, … Show how it works!

Day 3:

- Practice practice and practice your pitch; you will be given few minutes to present your final solution

- Focus on 3 judging criteria; validation, execution and business model

- Demo, present and have fun!

Do you want to hear more what to expect and schedule over the weekend? Read more about the event here or reach out to the SW Belgo-French team if you have any further questions.

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The organizing team is even taking care for all those of you who are joining us from Belgium and Netherlands. They created a Facebook group in case you are looking for accommodation in Lille. How awesome is this? No excuses :)

Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and make sure to attend the event on Facebook as well.

Now get ready for an epic weekend ahead!


Last but not least, I would like to say big thank you to SW Belgo-French team for hosting me in Lille. Can’t wait to be there!