Techstars Berlin Announces the Companies in its Fourth Program

02/01/2018 | By Rob Johnson

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It feels like just yesterday that we kicked off the first-ever Techstars program in Germany, here in Berlin in the summer of 2015. With this fourth Techstars Berlin program launching this month, we’ve invested in over 60 companies across four Techstars programs in Berlin alone - more Techstars program than we have in any other city in the world!

Those companies have gone on to raise over $80M in follow-on financing.

We’re not slowing down anytime soon as we continue to invest in Berlin as one of the greatest startup ecosystems in the world.

Here are the eleven companies joining Techstars Berlin in 2018:

Archain: On demand permanent data storage

Aazzur: Innovative cross-border banking services

Czar Securities: Plug-n-play rock solid security for websites

Inuru: Light & motion on paper with cutting edge printed light tech

Ninox: Empowering any user to create business Apps for teams

Stark Mobility: A new way of transportation

Subhe: On-demand skill development in Indian Languages

Viar: We help manufacturing companies create step-by-step augmented video instructions to guide their workers on what needs to be done.

Involvesoft: Employee engagement through volunteering

OptioAI: Helping young people to build better spending habits

Shelf Network: Shelf Network enables multi-merchant auctions across the globe