€15BN and counting: A beautiful map, a list of 300+ investors and more

12/01/2015 | By Jens Lapinski

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

We have been busy at work here at the Techstars Accelerator in Berlin. Over the last few weeks, we took at a look at some of the resources we've made available to the founders in our Berlin class. And then we thought it was silly to we keep these resources to ourselves. So we have decided to start opening these resources to everyone, starting today.

The first thing we are releasing is a list of 300+ investors who routinely invest in Seed, Series A or Series B rounds in European startups (we have included countries bordering the Mediterranean, such as Turkey and Israel). This list currently totals some €15BN in funds that are available for investment in European startups right now. This list has the most up to date investor information as we contacted each firm to get the right facts and figures.

You can gain access to the full list with lots of information on each investor here.

We also made a little map illustrating roughly how these investors distribute across Europe. Hotspots are easily visible. You can find a high resolution version of map is in the Techstars Berlin Resources space.


Techstars Investors in Europe v1

The list is already proving popular with founders, despite us having shared it with a very small group of people only. Everybody can contribute to it via comments or by emailing us.

So far, €15BN and counting…lots more to come.



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You can pre-apply for Techstars Berlin here.

The list actually has a longer story behind it, you can read more about that here.