Bird mansions and bike hacks – Attend Startup Weekend Berlin, build physical products, and get your hands dirty.

06/06/2014 | By laurensauser

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What do lazar cutters, 3D Printers, and digital connectivity have in common? They all make up Maker - a movement representing a technology-based extension of DIY culture.

Berlin is hosting Startup Weekend (SW) for the second time but instead of focusing on Film, the city will be experimenting with Maker. Over the years, organizers in Berlin have witnessed a community forming around people who brew beer in basements, grow vegetables on balconies and build their own 3D printed toys.

SW Maker is perfect for entrepreneurs who need a rapid prototype or for people who love to ‘Do It Yourself’.

It’s the 3D-printers that usually attract people to the event. SW Maker gives attendees the opportunity to use sometimes-complicated equipment so they may learn proper techniques.

“3D printing supporters talk about the economic and efficiency benefits; it can build things faster and easier than competing methods, bring down manufacturing costs and remove the need for large amounts of international shipping.” (

Not only is 3D printing on the brink of revolutionizing the manufacturing industry but people at home can make some pretty amazing things as well. According to Popular Science, there are 10 cool things you can 3D print right now. Below are three (see rest of list here).

Camera and Lens - You can 3-D print a fully-functional SLR camera in 15 hours and for only $30 in parts.


Bike Hacks - If you're into bike customization, 3-D printing is a goldmine. Here are some highlights: a mount to make a plastic bottle fender, a bike carrying handle (because carrying bikes is awkward), or personalized valve caps.


Bird Mansions - enough said.


Add in a sweet laser cutter and digital connectivity - you got your self a modern day workshop! Take 3D printing even further than just bike hacks and birdhouses, build a toothbrush that sends information about how long people use it, or a fridge that is aware of diminishing nutrients and orders replacements online. How about a car that sends you a text alerting you to its location?

The opportunities are endless. Take everyday objects and make them ‘smarter’ for the consumer, able to collect data, and energy efficient.

Digital giants like Google and Facebook have already started to acquire hardware companies. They work on developing self-driving cars, robots, timesaving gadgets, and more. This integration between online-business and physical hardware gives entrepreneurs the perfect opportunity to disruptive a wide-range of industries.

If you’re in Berlin during the weekend of June 20-23, 2014 attend Startup Weekend Maker. Work with talented people, build physical products and get your hands dirty.


SW Berlin is an official partner of our current project with the European Commission called FI-WARE. This event promotes new cutting-edge technology ideas and prototypes. Just what FI-WARE aims to unleash - FI-WARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, at a scale like no other. Driven by the development of an open source reference implementation and  accelerating the availability of commercial products and services based, FI-WARE API specifications are public and freeWe’re really excited for our community to use their expertise and experience to help test and validate the EC’s FI-WARE developer platform.


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