Design Thinking what is it all about and how can I use it?

03/24/2016 | By Luis Humpert

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Since we will host a Pre-Event on this topic I feel like it's about time to shortly tell you what this is all about! Creative Thinking or Human-centered Design is applied in order to develop sollutions which are tailored to the needs of the users. This doesn't have to be a pre defined process or method but rather an approach to solving problem which is based on three key basic principles. Those principles are Inspiration, Ideation & Implementation another key factor of Human-centred Design is some a feedback mechanism to ensure that the developed solutions are really what the users are waiting for and willing to use. If this sounds interesting to you I suggest you check out this short video & sign up for our Pre-Event on the 5. of April in Bremen.


Who can participate?

Everybody can come to the event you simply have to send an E-Mail with the subject "Design Thinking" to there will only be 12 places available, the earlier you sign up the better.

What will happen at this Pre-Event?

Our host Miguel Civera will provide you and the 11 other participants with a short introduction of the topic allowing you to familiarize yourself with it and hopefully apply your knowledge at the SWBCT. You also get the opportunity to get to know other participants of the Startup Weekend before the event takes place. The Pre-Event will take place at 18:00 on the 5. of April in the Brennerei next generation lab in Bremen. After the event we will move to the Karton where you can enjoy some cold drinks. Don#t forget to check out the fb event to see who else participates.

Hope to see you there soon,