Mentor Spotlight: Chiara Manfletti

03/24/2015 | By

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On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our mentors, Chiara Manfletti. She will work intimately with you and your team, disseminating her knowledge and experiences, making sure you and your team will be successful.


Chiara Manfletti

Chiara currently holds multiple positions within the German Aerospace Center (DLR). She is the Project Manager for Expertise Raumfahrtsysteme (X-TRAS) task force connecting a multidisciplinary team across DLR with the aim to develop innovative new space transportation systems. She is also the Engine Transients Group Leader at Lampholdshausen. In addition to these positions, Chiara serves as a Technical Assistant for ESA’s Future Launcher Preparatory Program (FLPP) with a focus on the Ariane 6 launcher. Her technical experience encompasses laser ignition; fluid flow systems; propellant management; engine behavior, modelling design and testing; mission and trajectory analysis; and launch vehicle design. As a leader in the area of launch vehicles, she is driving the German research division to collaborate and innovate to maintain competitiveness in the commercial launch sector and to enable an exciting future in which space activities are commonplace. Chiara holds a Doctorate in Engineering from RWTH Aachen University and is currently pursuing a second PhD at the University of Stuttgart in astrophysics. She also has a Masters in Space Studies from the International Space University and a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine in London, England.

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