Mentor Spotlight: Krzysztof Kanawka

03/07/2015 | By

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On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our mentors, Krzysztof Kanawka. He will work intimately with you and your team, disseminating his knowledge and experiences, making sure you and your team will be successful.


Krzysztof Kanawka

Krzysztof (Christoff) Kanawka comes from Poland, but during the last 10 years he has lived and studied in Germany, UK, France and Norway before coming back to Poland. After 11 years in academia (from a freshman up to the end of a post-doc) he decided to move to the business sector in the space industry. The first company, called, was started as a Ltd. entity in 2012. This company quickly found its niche in the engineering/business consulting field. The company has also been creating its own downstream applications, utilising data from satellite navigation and Earth Observation.

In 2014 the company experienced a boost due to funds from an investment fund, as one of the first Polish commercial entities in the space sector. The company, now called Blue Dot Solutions Ltd., manages several European Space Agency and Horizon 2020 portfolios as well as portfolios for commercial partners.

During his academic days Christoff participated in several space educational projects, such as European Student Earth Orbiter, ESEO.

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