Sponsor Spotlight: Space Angels Network

03/08/2015 | By Nuno Loureiro

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our key sponsors, Space Angels Network. We are grateful for their continued support in making this event as great of an experience as possible for the participants.


Space-Angels-Network-Logo Space Angels Network was created in 2006 with the objective of connecting investors with entrepreneurs through a global network to encourage private investment in aerospace and aviation startups. Today they remain the only global network that brings these two critical communities together in the aerospace industry.

During the last decade the space sector has become increasingly more reliant on the private industry. Taking this as an opportunity Space Angels Network has brought together many space entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and the investors who provide the capital required for their new ventures to grow and flourish. Their worldwide network created for both companies and investors breaks the barrier of a predominantly local angel investing process.

The founding members at Space Angels Network have great experience in investing in the space sector, knowing the market and risks well and thus providing the ability to teach new members how to invest while also attracting new entrepreneurs and companies to the network.

Space technology is now attracting more attention than ever with an ever-increasing world of opportunities. Space Angels Networks is playing a crucial role in making sure the commercial space becomes a reality.

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