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StartupWeekend Space

Bremen, 1 April 2015

StartupWeekend Space: Bremen, a European event conceived to generate lean space startup concepts through interdisciplinary collaboration has today officially announced the prizes to be awarded to the top three teams.

Held at Bremen’s Innovation and Technology Center (BITZ) on April 10th-12th, 2015. The first, second and third place winners will be rewarded with prizes that can significantly help them advance their presented business concepts.

The winning team will receive 12 months of coaching from Claudia Kessler, CEO of HE-Space, in business proposal writing and business formation. Following the 12 months, the winning team will be coached by Chad Anderson, Managing Director of Space Angels Network, in preparation to present their business plan to investors within their network.

Managing Director of the Space Angels Network, Chad Anderson, acknowledges the importance of the StartupWeekend Space event for Europe by demonstrating his commitment to support the winning team and the event.

“For the past three years Space Angels Network has supported Space Startup Weekends in San Francisco, Shanghai, and Bremen. These events provide an important venue for demonstrating how accessible space has become for entrepreneurs and startups, and it is impressive to see what teams are able to come up with in just a weekend. We’re proud to support the first SWS event in Europe and facilitate the path from conception to growth and funding.”

Both Claudia Kessler and Chad Anderson will be on site at StartupWeekend Space: Bremen. Chad Anderson will also join the jury to decide with other members, on the top three teams to win these prizes.

Other notable guests who will be present in person or via live video, include the Bremen minister of economic affair, labour and ports Martin Günthner, the European Space Agency (ESA) head of technology transfer programme office, Frank Maximilian Salzgeber, the founder and CEO of Mansat Christopher Stott, the co-founder and CTO of Planet Labs Chris Boshuizen and the founder and CEO of Zero2Infinity José Mariano López-Urdiales.

The team to reach the second place will win one day of presentation and on-camera training with Hill Media in Bremen. This will serve as preparation for the upcoming opportunity to pitch their business concept at the Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator speed summit and to join the Berlin based accelerator program for one week.

Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator, Tanja Kufner is confident that space entrepreneurship is Europe’s future industry to watch out for.

“We at Startupbootcamp, are proud to support the objectives of StartupWeekend Space, through our accelerator program. NewSpace is already reality in the USA. It is only a question of time before we will see more space startups here in Europe.”

ESA in cooperation with the International Astronautical Federation also contribute a third prize to StartupWeekend Space: Bremen enabling two team members to attend the Global Space Innovation Conference (GLIC 2015) in Munich where they will have the opportunity network with ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC) staff and participants.

Frank Maximilian Salzgeber proposes the ESA BIC network across Europe as the natural next stepping stone for StartupWeekend Space entrepreneurs.

“StartupWeekend Space is an innovative way to generate new business concepts. The ESA BIC network could be a possible next step to help turn these business ideas into real companies that create jobs and wealth for Europe. ESA is committed to supporting space entrepreneurship in Europe.”

With less than ten days to go before the event, all 80 tickets have already been sold out. The registered participants come from 13 countries in Europe and represent 18 nationalities including Germany, Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia and the USA. With this kind of cultural diversity, the business concepts proposed by the participants are expected to be especially innovative.

For more information about the event, please access our webpage at You can also follow us on social media using the hashtags #BeSpacial and #SWSpace.

StartupWeekend Space: Bremen is supported by the City of Bremen, Airbus Defence and Space, HE-Space, Design & Data, Space Angels Network, the European Space Agency, Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy, Hill Media, Center of Applied Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) as well as Up Global, a non-profit organization connecting a global community of entrepreneurs across all topics. The organization is headquartered in Seattle, US and is considered a hub for entrepreneurial space.


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