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07/30/2015 | By Ann-Cathrin Scheider

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After a period where it got a little quite around the town, but now there is something in the air!

Our great organizing team set the goal to start a new era in the beautiful seaside city - we bring the Startup Weekend powered by Google Entrepreneurs to Bremerhaven!

You can be part of it and experience how fresh sea air helps you brainstorm or see how the cries of the seagulls bring out new ideas :)

As a Startup Weekender you will get to know Bremerhaven from its best side:

  • the Location, the university of applied sciences (Hochschule) Bremerhaven, is situated directly at the small, but beautiful beach of Bremerhaven
  • lots of space for creative Teams
  • a huge Audimax in which the pitches will be presented and the jury will choose the winners
  • enjoy cold drinks and full-board with tasty snacks and meals included in your ticket price
  • get to know interesting coaches, who support you with their knowledge
  • a Team of super engaged Startuppers will take care of everything, so you can take care of launching a startup in 54 hours
  • get the chance to present your idea in front of an expert jury

You are asking yourself why Bremerhaven is the perfect place to launch a Startup?

We have done some research and found out that in Bremerhaven you will find that many skilled young people leave the city, as they don't find too many interesting and good jobs. Here is your chance: get them ;)

Apart from the labour Bremerhaven is perfect for launching a startup, as you are not distracted by party and clubs. This sounds funny?

Actually it is the best way to fully concentrate on your ideas and starting up your business!

And when you want to discuss new ideas with a drink, you will always find some nice, cosy bars.

Come to Bremerhaven and work 54 hours with all kinds of different people on the next big thing :)

See you soon!