Why and How to Support the Startup Weekend

08/20/2015 | By Andreas Schliep

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

[caption id="attachment_30504" align="alignleft" width="200"]AndyStairs Andreas Schliep, founding member of DasScrumTeam AG, Switzerland[/caption]

I have never seen myself as an entrepeneur. I do run my own company, with two partners. We are doing well, and we are able to keep our cash and wits together. But I did not start with an idea, with a product. I merely continued my previous work on a self-employed basis.

So why am I interested in supporting a startup weekend, as sponsor and coach? Besides that I think it's a good idea? A successful format, delivered in many places, to encourage starters to make their products and service real. What is in there for me?

First of all, range and brand awareness. I am able to promote my own company, brand and logo, our services and products within the startup community. Maybe this could generate some business in the future.

And there could be that one rare, precious gem. An idea for a product and service that can disrupt the market, can blow minds, and redefine the term customer delight. This might happen. Or not.

The real benefit, and the most important one, is learning. The participation, the support for potential startups, the evaluation of business cases and methodical support for product teams provide so many learning opportunities for me:

* How to apply agile principles and values to startup scenarios

* How to design and conduct quick and instructive experiments

* How to deal with different personalities and target groups

* How to foster creativity and commitment

* And many more...

I have already learned a lot in the preparation. I encourage every leader, entrepeneur, manager, small or medium business owner to consider supporting or participating.