Startup Weekend Bremerhaven – In the Middle of Day 2

10/21/2017 | By Andreas Schliep

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I am sitting in the large shared team room, with lots of people around me sharing ideas, working on business plans or designs, making plans and throwing them away. We are right in the middle of our Startup Weekend in Bremerhaven, where we challenged the participants to come up with their own ideas about problems, solutions and products. The first day was a ramp-up to the teamwork today. After a warm welcome by Simona and an energizing introduction by Ümit, almost everybody in the room came up with an exiting, crazy, emotional, nice or unusual pitch.

We had so many popular ideas that it was hard to limit the number of teams - but we did not want to have teams of one, either. Thanks to our sponsors we had a nice dinner in-between, so that everybody was fell fed and ready to pitch. Now we have just completed the coaching sessions - with an awesome bunch of coaches from very different branches and professions. I had coached three teams that had practically nothing in common. I even talked about marketing, which is rather Kai’s specialty. It’s time for the teams to digest all the new ideas, criticism, tipps and tricks of the trade and continue their journey. And time for the other organizers and me to have a beer, reconnect and feel happy about a day well spent.

Andreas, October 21, 2017