Startup Weekend Bremerhaven

    Friday, October 16 - 18, 2015

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Startup Weekend Bremerhaven

Friday, October 16 - 18, 2015

Friday, October 16 - 18, 2015
Event starts at 6:00 pm

Haus S, Hochschule Bremerhaven
An der Karlstadt 8
Bremerhaven, Germany 27568

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Starting your business in 54 hours

Du bist ein Startup Weekend Newbie? Hier findest du Informationen auf Deutsch!

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where developers, designers and business folks come together to pitch an idea and launch a business, all in one weekend.  It is a great opportunity to test startup ideas, meet potential co-founders, build the community in Bremerhaven and surroundings and launch your next startup this autumn!

Come start a company, learn something new, test your developer skills, maybe meet your future co-founder – either way you’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had! Startup Weekend Bremerhaven follows a basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch a startup idea and receive feedback from peers. Teams organically form around top ideas, as determined by popular vote. Each team has 54 hours to create a business model, code, design, and determine market validation. The weekend culminates with presentations of top ideas to entrepreneurial leaders.

At the Startup Weekend Bremerhaven you can meet participants from all fields. During the weekend you will develop your ideas into business models. You will have access to inspiring coaches and top-notch startup experts who will support you. In the end you will present your business models to the jury, who will give you feedback and choose the best business models.

Included in the event price are all presentations, the food and all drinks. In addition all participants will receive an attractive package of vouchers and services which are useful for every startup. Event language will be English.


Friday October 16th

6:00 pm
Arrive at the venue and get checked in

6:30 pm
Dinner & Networking
Eat food, share ideas, practice pitches, get to know fellow participants

7:00 pm
Welcome & Speakers
Review agenda for the weekend and introduce speakers, coaches, and community leaders

7:30 pm
Pitches Start
Optionally line up to give your pitch

9:00 pm
Attendees vote for the top pitches

9:15 pm
Form Teams
Teams start forming and discussing ideas

10:00 pm
Begin Work
Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow

Saturday October 17th

9:00 am
Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee

9:30 am
Begin Work
Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend

1:30 pm

2:00 pm
After-lunch check-in, status reports, call for help

2:00 pm
Coach Meetings
Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!

7:00 pm

7:30 pm
After-dinner check-in, status reports, call for help

10:00 pm
Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow

Sunday October 18th

9:00 am
Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee

10:00 am
Coaches arrive. Final opportunity to ask questions

12:30 pm

3:00 pm
Presentation Prep & Tech Check
Final hours of worktime should be focused on perfecting your presentation, tech-check for final presentations also takes place

5:00 pm

6:00 pm
Final Presentations

7:30 pm
Judging & Awards

8:30 pm

9:00 pm
Go Home!


Miriam Bundel
CEO & co-founder of ShelfSailor

After graduating at Institute of Design Hamburg Miriam worked as a design freelancer and started developing app ideas as an employee. Because self-employment is more fun she became cofounder
and CEO at She met her team for ShelfSailor at Startup Weekend Hamburg 2014 - the starting point for founding the ShelfSailor UG. ShelfSailor helps you organize your storage by sharing storage space in cities.

Andreas Bredehorn
Inhaber und Geschäftsführer bei Seestadthonig

Mit 28 Jahren steht Andreas mitten im natürlichen Leben. Mit seinem Bremerhavener Unternehmen "Seestadthonig" sichert er unser städtisches Ökosystem und macht Bienen und Mensch glücklich zugleich. "Vor ein paar Jahren hat mich das Thema Bienen gepackt und nicht mehr losgelassen. Warum sind die Bienen für uns so wichtig? Was kann man gegen das Bienensterben tun? Funktioniert das Imkern in der Stadt? Diese Fragen haben mich bewegt und mittlerweile stehen meine Bienen auf den Dächern, in Parks, Kleingärten und an Schulen in Bremerhaven."

Markus Hummel
Founder and CEO at MH²

Event Judges

Thomas Promny
Entrepreneur at Velvet Ventures

Thomas Promny is an experienced internet entrepreneur from Hamburg. During his 15 years of experience he started numerous online marketing businesses and also some leading events of the industry, such as the d3con conference in Hamburg.

Miriam Bundel
CEO & co-founder of ShelfSailor

After graduating at Institute of Design Hamburg Miriam worked as a design freelancer and started developing app ideas as an employee. Because self-employment is more fun she became cofounder
and CEO at She met her team for ShelfSailor at Startup Weekend Hamburg 2014 - the starting point for founding the ShelfSailor UG. ShelfSailor helps you organize your storage by sharing storage space in cities.

Dirk Herzbach
CEO at Next Media Accelerator, Business Angel

Dirk Herzbach successfully founded, and UmzugEasy. He built up the YouIsNow Lab for Immobilienscout24 and launched the E.ON:agile accelerator. Dirk is an active Business Angel and invests in startups in Europe and the US.

Coaches and Mentors

Georg Vollenbruck
General Manager at Mintarder Wasserbahnhof

After studying at D´Overbroeks College Oxford and graduating in Event management at Europa Fachakademie Hannover Georg Vollenbruck founded his advertising agency Elevengreen GmbH.(2008-2010) In 2010 German television channel Kabel 1 casted him for a show called "Jumbos Würstchenmillionär", in which young entrepreneurs had to prove themselves in the F&B industry. Together with his partner Rene he won the show and since them runs several F&B projects across Germany. In early 2014 he also joined the Team from Orpheus Fashion, a fashion agency based in Dubai and Berlin. He is helping the team with his vast experience in the fields of creative advertising, event planing and project management. Georg Vollenbruck is open for every idea and is looking forward to discussing brilliant ideas.

Andreas Schliep
Executive Partner at DasScrumTeam AG, Scrum Coach & Trainer

Andreas Schliep is a co-founder and principlal Scrum coach and trainer from DasScrumTeam, Switzerland. As a developer, team and technical project leader, he has implemented videoconferencing applications, Web portals and communication servers.

Before founding DasScrumTeam AG he was coaching at SPrintIT, worked as a Software Integrator at ComBOTS and Developer and Development Manager  at
He is especially interested in supporting the development of the IT startup scene in Bremerhaven, young founders and the build up of creative co-working spaces.

Christo Papanouskas
CEO and Designer

Christo Papanouskas is the founder and Designer of Assassin Design, an advertising agency from Hamburg. While strolling with his dog Simba, working on his Macbook or in meetings he will come up with a thousand ideas for all areas of life and advertising. Besides his tasks as designer, he is also the one as he puts it: "who dances with clients and colleagues to ensure the design and development of the perfect product."

Timo Knorr
Designer, Fotografer

Timo Knorr is photographer at Assassin Design. He is always searching for new ways for taking the perfect picture for each and every situation. Being witty and charming, he is not only able to conjure smiles on anyone’s face, but can also ignite the flame of enthusiasm with his new ideas.

Heide Peuckert
Produkt- & Business Development Manager at Nujuko

I am an entrepreneur at heart, BizDev by education, and Product Manager at Njiuko by passion.

My second passion is organizing and facilitating Startup Weekends.

I initiated Startup Weekend Women because I believe in the ideas and spirit of female entrepreneurs. My goal is to encourage women to follow their dreams giving them a platform and an opportunity to become a successful founder.

Carlos Freidl
Lawyer at Werk und Wurtz

Carlos began his absolved his degree in law studies at Georga-Augusta University Göttingen in 2007 with the first judical state examination followed by the second state examination in 2010. Since then he has been working as a lawyer with emphasis on judical work in labour, family and tenancy law. Currently he founded Carlos Football Management, where he consults and mediates football players as DFB and FIFA licenced consultant. So no doubt, in any law related issues he will keep your business goals safe for you.

Guido Wurtz

Guido Wurtz is a lawyer, who attained his first state exam at the University of Konstanz in 2003.After this he completed his practical judicial training at the Higher Regional Court district Karlsruhe and thereby he concluded his second state exam.
In both examinations Guido Wurtz chose the main area commercial and company law.
Mr. Wurtz was certified as lawyer in March 2006 and is ever since working as a lawyer in Bremerhaven. His main areas of law are labour and traffic law.

Danjel-Philippe Newerla
Lawyer specialized in IT Law

Don’t worry; Mr. Newerla is not a stodgy lawyer. His chancellery is specialized on innovative topics like IT, patent and brand, competition, internet, social media and app law. Through further training and the adaptation of the latest technical standards the consultation of Dr. Newerla is always up-to-date. As a young lawyer, Dr. Danjel-Philippe founded his own chancellery in Bremerhaven in 2008. Apart from being a freelancer he finished his PhD not long ago. After successfully completing a specialization in IT law, economic law, as well as media and copyright law, he was already granted the title “specialist solicitor for IT law“. Danjel-Philippe is motivated by contributing to society and sharing his know-how, to help others. This is the drive that inspires him and leads him to perform at his best every day. His aim is to share his juristic and entrepreneurial knowledge with partners and companies while enjoying to grow his network by new interesting contacts.

Nico Schober
Frontend Engineer at CTS Eventim Solutions GmbH

Since my training about 20 years ago I deal with the design and implementation of websites. For me it's important to always be up to date, to follow the developments and from time to time to look back on the bigger picture.

Over time, I became acquainted with great colleagues and clients. Every day is different and that makes the work so much fun as the first day!

I’m also an inspirer for the hacker school, a non profit organization to teach code to kids.

Katrin Pohlmann
Social Entrepreneur

"In 2010 I quit my job to start my own business. At first, I focused on the development of writing applicaton forms for public funding of other institutions. However, during the last years, this entreprenural focus shifted towards the development, implementation and evaluation of my own projects. The focus of these are the integration of migrants and refugees, language classes and adult education in the framework of a life-long learning concept. For me, self-employed work means to be able to make these adjustments, sometimes as an adaptation to the customer's demands, sometimes as a reorientation of one's own work. Of course, this requires the continuous expansion of one's skills and knowledge."

Ugur Oezkeser
CEO at Connamix

Ugur Özkeser holds a diploma degree as computer scientist from the University of Bremerhaven in Germany and is CEO of CONNAMIX, a young fast growing company. CONNAMIX is a provider of business consulting services delivering innovative IT solutions and services of the highest quality. They serve mid-sized companies and larger enterprises throughout the EMEA. Ugur Özkeser brings in the ERP environment as a project manager and software developer the knowledge with the necessary vision and expertise to the best possible advice. The consulting of software solutions and the operational management of international projects is one of the key responsibilities in his role as managing director. He  gained great knowledge as a computer scientist and project manager in both areas. He also supports the strategic development of CONNAMIX and is inside the company the authoritative power in knowledge management.

Ann-Christin Bravin

Geboren 09/1983 und aufgewachsen in Bremerhaven
Bachelor-Studium Finanz- und Rechnungswesen an der Hochschule Bremen (Abschluss B.A.)
Bachelor-Studium International Audit and Accounting an der University of Southwales (Abschluss B. A. Hons)
Master-Studium Business Management an der HS Bremen mit den Schwerpunkten Existenzgründung, Unternehmensfinanzierung und Sanierung/Insolvenz
Traineeprogramm "Firmenkundenbetreuung / Corporate Relationship Manager" bei  der UniCredit Bank AG in Stuttgart / München / Hamburg
Seit 01/2013 Firmenkundenberaterin bei der Weser-Elbe Sparkasse

Uniqconcepts Consulting
Social Media Startup

Gülsah Düzel and Katarzyna Janik are members of a young dynamic team that just have found an own startup company, developing unique and individual social media concepts for other startups. Gülsah has finished her bachelor degree in Business Engineering/ Marketing at the University of Applied Science in Lübeck and has already worked for several startups providing social media concepts. Katarzyna has been working at a global acting FMCG-company developing and implementing a social media strategy. She graduated at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg in Foreign Trade and International Management. Under the motto ''creativity creates success, working unconventionally but at the same eye-level with our partners!'' the uniqconcepts -Team will help you in reaching your Marketing goals.

David Zacharias and Marco Stolle

Founder and Partner at Daily Marmelade / werk85

David has launched the worlds first subscription for jelly in 2007. Marco became partner in 2010. Together with Malte Legenhausen they built up their own bureau for designing and programming – werk85.
In 2015 David and 
Marco are specialists for e-commerce, corporate design and app-development. werk85 implemented and designed online shops with the appendant logistics, complete representation for companies and apps for navigation.

Bettina Summa

Oliver Hasemann
Kreativer Gründer im Bereich Stadtentwicklung, Architekt

Oliver Hasemann (*1975) lebt in Bremen und ist Dipl.­Ing. Fachrichtung Raumplanung. Nach seinem Studium an der Universität Dortmund und der Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), zog er 2004 nach Bremen, wo er 2006 gemeinsam mit Daniel Schnier das Autonome Architektur Atelier,
 seit 2012 AAA GmbH, gründete. Das AAA organisiert unter anderem Urbane Spaziergänge und initiiert temporäre Projekte. Seit 2009 ist das AAA mit der Umsetzung der ZwischenZeitZentrale in Bremen beauftragt. Die ZZZ war ein Pilotprojekt der Nationalen Stadtentwicklungspolitik des Bundes und wurde 2012 von der Stadt Bremen auf weitere vier Jahre verlängert. 2013 bis 2015
war die AAA am EU Projekt TUTUR beteiligt, das sich mit temporären Nutzungen als Instrument

der Stadtentwicklung beschäftigte. Neben seiner Tätigkeit in der AAA ist Oliver Hasemann als Autor tätig.

Amir Biria & Serhat Yasar

Amir Biria and Serhat Yasar are founders and CEOs of Anventors company which offers modern Design, Web and Software services. Anventors follows the start-up web scenes and also employs its experiences on running newly established start-ups.

Kenneth Breeze
Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Coach, Writer, Podcaster, Speaker, CEO & Co-Founder StartUp Academy, Breezenergy LLC

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Ümit Konuray
CEO and Founder at dasTraining, Konuray Coaching & Training

He is the founder of dasTraining which is an agency for trainers, coaches and moderators. Since 2005 he has been intercultural trainer, coach and facilitator for seminars, conferences and workshops. He has done Business studies with a focus on HR and psychology in Cologne and Qingdao, China. And did training, coaching and development assistance in countries such as China, India, USA, Afghanistan, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey and Austria. After finishing his last employment in the personal development of Bayer AG successfully, he independently started Konuray Coaching & Training with a focus on communication, team development, leadership and personal training.


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