Startup Weekend Cologne Coach Interview: David C. Son

01/18/2016 | By Carolin Gattermann

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The heart of the Startup Weekends are the people that are part of it - whether as participants or volunteers. We would like to introduce you to a few of them and ask about their motivation and experiences to give you a little insight. David C. Son started coaching last year and will join again this time. 

Startup Weekend CologneDavid, what is your job? Founder & Director of DALASON GmbH with the products WIRECLOUD and DCalling and Dalason Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

In which Startup Weekend(s) did you participate and in which role?

I participated at the Startup Weekend Education Cologne as coach and also at the Startup Weekend South West in Saarbrücken as coach.

What was your motivation to volunteer?

I like to see new business models and also like to help others in creating new businesses. If I had had this kind of help 10 years back, maybe I could have prevented a lot of mistakes I've made in the past.

Did you personally profit from volunteering at Startup Weekend?

I have met a lot of great and talented people. Also I could see new ideas and it was always inspiring.

What was the most remarkable moment / the thing that impressed you most?

During last Startup Weekend I met a lot of refugees. There were so many talents coming from Syria and other countries. We all should give them an opportunity to create a great business. They all were highly motivated, something I haven't seen in quite a while. So why not help them create the next Apple? Did you know that Steve Job's dad was from Syria?

Do you have good advice for all future participants?

Stick to your idea and if you fail, just start from the beginning. Just do it!

Thank you, David!

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