Startup Weekend Jury Interview: Johannes Rohde

03/14/2017 | By Christine Schluetz

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What is your job aside from supporting Startup Weekend?

Since my passion is all about technology and what you can accomplish with it I am working the venture capital company Capnamic Ventures right here in Cologne. We are focused on series A financings in the areas of digital b2b solutions in general, digital infrastructure such as enabling technologies for businesses and digital transformation cases in areas we think are still under-digitized.


Have you already participated in Startup Weekend? If not, why are you participating?

Not yet – but I am looking forward to the weekend and mostly the other wonderful entrepreneurs and digital enthusiasts I get to meet.


What was your motivation to support Startup Weekend?

I think we have a good opportunity right now to create wonderful new products due to the wave of change which is coming with the digitization itself and I like to help the people with the great ideas to turn those thoughts into reality.


Do you personally profit from volunteering at Startup Weekend?

I am sure I will by meeting amazing people, learning a lot of new stuff and hearing about great ideas!


Do you have any good advice for young teams, who want to start their own business?

Be brave, stay hungry, don’t be too foolish and never be satisfied with the current status quo. Plus it always helped me a lot to have the right people around me who supported but constantly pushed me as well.


At which point as a startup does it make sense to talk to venture capitalists?

I think that depends on your idea and how big you want to grow it. If you want to build something which has the potential to change a national market then I would talk to VCs early. It helps both sides to build up trust even though you are not seeking institutional money at the moment and speeds up / eases the investment process significantly. I think it is most important though to find the right VC who fits professionally and personally to you, your team and your company.


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