The story of SW-Alumni Matthias Malurdy

02/09/2017 | By Christine Schluetz

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Where did you first hear about Startup Weekend Cologne?

The first time I heard about SWCGN was when a friend of mine bought me a ticket and told me “You need to do this!”

Where did you work back then?

I worked for a corporate law firm in Düsseldorf.

Why did you participate in Startup Weekend Cologne?

I participated because Till Ohrmann (CEO at Pirate Summit) got me enthusiastic about the local startup ecosystem. Thx Till!

Did you have an idea for a startup then or did you join another group?

Since I didn’t know what to expect from this event, I joined the group KinderMask. The Idea was to produce respirator masks for children.

How did you experience the weekend? What did you (not) like?

The most memorable through the 54h time period was the buzzing energy of the participants. I didn’t like the finite amount of coffee. Imagine the night shifts we could’ve done, if we have had more coffee! #CoffeeAddict

What happened after the Startup Weekend?

We worked on the project for a couple of months, but unfortunately the team fell apart.

Are there people from Startup Weekend still in your team?

No. But we have some good laughs when we randomly run into each other at STARTPLATZ.

What is your résumé?

There is an enormous chance that you will get addicted to the world of startups…

Whom would you recommend to participate?


Will you participate as a coach at Startup Weekend Cologne 2017?

I will try my best to help the participants to structure their ideas, fill out the business canvases and ultimately to pull off a great pitch.

Ready to be part of it, too?

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