Cutting edge advise: by Miriam Bundel, from your startup community

05/15/2015 | By Marnie Knorr

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For Miriam joining a Startup Weekend has indeed been life changing. Read for yourself :)



"I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and worked as a freelancer in graphic design for several startups. It has always been inspiring to me, but I wanted more. I wanted to start my own business.

In July 2014, after I just quit my job I participated at the Startup Weekend Hamburg: A beginning of a new chapter of my life - the startup life.

The first day we had a get-together where we met other participants. It was easy to get in touch while we watched a World Championship football game.

Later that evening it was time for pitching. The creative ideas and brave speakers impressed me. I fall in love with an idea of a platform that connects people who offer space and those who are looking for storage spaces. The demand was high and competitors rare. This was the idea of Shelfsailor - pitched by Stephan Creifelds.

The „richest man alive" idea by Behsaad Ramez – later named „BRAG“ – also made me smile. It’s about a social network for show-offs who don't give a s*** about their money - so they spend it on to get ranked.

I decided to join Stephan and the team of Shelfsailor. Together with a third team member we started developing the platform. From then on we had 48 hours time to give our best to present our business idea on Sunday afternoon. We were really creative and got into the zone while working on the concept. I designed the website and created the presentation. During lunch and dinner we spent time with other teams. It was inspiring to get to know and learn from each other’s working habits and failures.

On Saturday mentors with a variety of professional backgrounds arrived. We discussed the details of our startup and they helped us to find the right way. It’s always important to be focused on the main idea - it’s not about making something complex but keeping it simple.

I was so nervous while presenting our idea in front of the jury, audience and cameras. We all were. But it was all worth it! It had such a big impact to join this event. I got to know so many new things and built up a network of new business contacts and friends.

Also won the award for best design, which helped to work further on our startup. is available in a beta version and we are still working on it’s growth. There are even plans go international as soon as possible! I’m also a member of BRAG and founded the Puncollective UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

The entrepreneurial spirit is like a virus, which spreads the passion to bring your ideas into life.

I can only recommend attending Startup Weekend Hamburg. It’s a great event for gaining motivation, knowledge and network possibilities. It was the beginning of a time where I learned so much. I really loved it."