Ira Tittler – Why it’s worth to attend Startup Weekend #2

02/13/2015 | By Theresa Grotendorst

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Do you wonder what it's like to attend a Startup Weekend? Still unsure whether or not to attend Startup Weekend Women Hamburg? In this series we're asking former Startup Weekend participants about their experiences and the impact of Startup Weekend in their everyday life.




Ira, you have been to a Startup Weekend before, what was your experience?

The Startup Weekend in Hamburg was a super fun weekend which freed up so much creativity and team dynamic. If you come with an open mind and with innovative ideas you'll get the chance to explore what it takes to send them on their way.

Within 2.5 days you meet so many helpful, friendly and inspiring people from whom you can learn pieces of advice in building up a business idea, drafting a design or their motivation to code and at the same time you start using your strengths to build the idea. I liked Startup weekend so much, that I continued to coach a Startup Weekend in San Francisco the next year.