Meet the megalomaniac SWHH15 organizing team 1/2

03/09/2015 | By Marnie Knorr

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Serhat: "Hey there, I am Serhat organizing Startup Weekend for the fifth time. With sixteen I wanted to found my own startup - back then I didn’t know the right designers and developers. Startup Weekend is solving these issues: So let people change the world! In the organizing team I am mainly responsible for the topics sponsoring, finance, judges and mentors. When I am not organizing SWHH  I am working as an HR Consultant at Premium Consultants and studying Business Psychology. But enough about myself-"

Mohamed, we know each other for a long time now. When did you first find out about Startup Weekend and did it have an impact on you?"


Mohamed: " Well, Serhat, back in October 2012,  I told my professor about my business idea. He advised me to participate and it really changed my life. I found my co-founders at the event. We have been building our dream since then and became best friends. This is exactly why Í´m organizing SWHH. I want to support others to make their dreams reality and give back, what I received from the SW family.  I´m responsible for keeping you energized while coding & hustling - food & drinks ;)

Anne, as you are the head of sponsoring & events @ betahaus Hamburg, you know what it is to manage a growing community of creative, ambitious and big dreaming people. What are the biggest challenges you are facing @ betahaus & what is your vision for our lovely Co-workingspace?"


Anne: "Thank you for getting me into the loop – I'm really excited to join this awesome organizing team. Guess what happens if you put a group of experts, founders or creative minds from different professional backgrounds together for a whole weekend? Maybe add some post-it’s, of course a lot of mate, sunshine and open-mindedness … and you’ll get: creative collaboration! This is exactly what we aim at betahaus Hamburg, bringing people together and serve as incubation platform for network, innovation and creation. The perfect match: we're happy to host Startup Weekend again in 2015!

Nils, you were one of the first people I met when I started at betahaus in June 2014. What are your ambitions for making this year’s Startup Weekend more than special and what are your secret twists to embrace the future challenges of Startup Weekend?"


Nils: "Well, this year’s Startup Weekend Hamburg will be the best so far. That might sound bold, but with all the amazing sponsors, mentors, speakers, food, drinks, prizes and most importantly enthusiastic entrepreneurs, we got all the ingredients! It's a 54h-toolkit to not only build amazing products from scratch but also to meet people who share similar passions. I feel privileged to be a part of it and I think everyone else feels the same. That's the secret twist. Between hunting sponsors and creating plans for #swHH15 I optimize user onboarding flows for startups and businesses.

Robin, I just saw that your startup eatclever got featured in the news. How do you manage to get so much press? And can we have your Thai Curry at #swHH15 please? ... Pretty please?"


Robin: "I am pretty sure that we will do a thai curry for one of the meals at #swHH15. Indeed, we have been getting a few features in the press lately. The important thing when talking to press is to tell your story in a way that it captures the attention of readers. This is not only applicable to press communication, but also for pitching, which I learnt at the first startup weekend I went to and where I met my co-founders. I've been participant at four Startup Weekends, photographer at two and organizer in one of them. When I'm not branding and marketing #swHH15 by designing your t-shirts, the logo, being your paparazzo at the event and so forth and I do product development and marketing for eatclever.

And what motivates you, Dagmar, to volunteer as an organizer of SWHH? What do you find the most inspiring about it?"

... to be continued in our next blog