Meet the megalomaniac SWHH15 organizing team 2/2

05/05/2015 | By Marnie Knorr

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in continuance of the first part of this blog when Robin asked Dagmar:

And what motivates you, to volunteer as an organizer of SWHH? What do you find the most inspiring about it?”


Dagmar: “Thai curry? Yummy. Looking very much forward to it!

I got addicted to Startup Weekend seven years ago, when I helped organizing the first Startup Weekend in Copenhagen. After that, I helped to organize two more in CPH and now already three in Hamburg. Six Startup Weekends is not enough and I'll participate in organizing two more this year.

Why I continue doing it? The energy at the event is amazing! All these great people talking about their ideas, thinking about ways on how to improve our ways of living, be it with wearables, apps, toys, online platforms for all kinds of solutions, you name it. Whatever gap you encounter, let's see if you can find a way to fix it during the Startup Weekend. You will meet great minds at the event, lots of motivation and experience coming with the other participants, the awesome mentors and judges. Be there and go for it! In any case you will add great people to your network.

When I am not Startup Weekend-ing I am working at XING as product manager for the social plugins, the small XING buttons and widgets which you can find on other webpages. When I then have some time left I am helping to make more startups being successful by being a coach asking tricky questions and giving suggestions on how a product can be improved.

Clint, what are you looking forward to most at our next Startup Weekend?”


Clint:” I'm looking forward to getting the feedback from the participants. The whole event will be a lot of fun and I'm so excited to meet all the interesting people with their ideas and visions. But the feedback after Startup Week Hamburg 2014 was so productive and positive. We want to become better and better.

May we have some more water for you this year? :D

It's the second time I'm in the organizing team for Startup Weekend and I've never been a participant until now, but may I visit another Startup Weekend to get inspired for the next year and make it more special than before.

My current main task is to get some interesting, sponsoring partners for our Event, to make it generally happen. With best advices and help of my friend Mr. Kaya , who did a great job this and in the past years, it's a great opportunity to improve various skills. That's why I'll do this again!

Marnie, how did you turn up to be in this year’s organizing team?”


Marnie:  “I had wished to support Startup Weekend for some years now. Gladly this year all schedules fit and Nils responded to my request to help out with Social Media tasks - so that’s how I am supporting the team now.  I am a social entrepreneur and very new member to the organizers team of Start-up Weekend Hamburg. I attended several SW’s and similar events in the past and would like to bring the entrepreneurial spirit I more overly got to know in your start-up community in Hamburg to my small hometown, Bremerhaven. That's why I am looking forward to learn as much as I can behind the scenes of SWHH2015 - besides my personal growth and working with a good functioning experienced and smart team, like you guys.”

Patrick, we share a quite similar story in regard to sitting between two chairs during a Startup Weekend. What were your learnings?”


Patrick: “It's hard to determine the most valuable thing I learned because on the one hand I attended with Florian and the idea for but on the other hand I was part of the great SWHH Organizing Team who's hosting the event. As attendee I think the best lesson was to focus. Without focusing on the important things you'll never have a good product by the end of Startup Weekend. As an organizer I think I learned how to approach companies, as organizer you have to talk to many sponsors. Why I stay in the organizing team? Easy - It's a great time with an awesome Team and overall a great experience!

 Jawaneh, which part are you taking in the organizing team?"


Jawaneh: Thank you Patrick. I'm part of the Public Relations team, which is awesome because I love dealing with any type of media and the press. Mohamed and Serhat, who kindly asked me to join, knew about my experience in journalism and PR. Since I also work in politics, things can get really serious at times. To counter this seriousness I love to be surrounded by creative people and be part of the process of crafting cool stuff. I'm involved in the Hamburg Startup and occasionally write for Heute in Hamburg. Startup Weekend Hamburg is just the perfect opportunity to push Hamburg's startup scene and empower potential entrepreneurs to make their dream of an own Startup come true (and for investors actually to invest ;) ).

Let's hear from Christoph what his motivation was to join the team. And Christoph please also tell us what you are most excited about at SWHH."


Christoph: I heard about the start-up weekend just a couple of weeks ago and I have been fascinated by the idea right away. In only 54 hours from pitch to prototype?! I am truly excited to be part of this madness. I have been plowing the fields of Public Relations for quite some time now, but since I have been working mostly for large companies I am craving this speed and open-mindedness. In addition, I am currently working on the set-up of my own start-up, so I am sure this weekend will serve as a great inspiration for me personally.

Alex, what do you hope to gain from SWHH15 personally?"


Alex: For me it is a pleasure and exciting challenge to be a part of this exceptional start up event. I will support with my experience in public relations to reach a maximum of attention of a broad audience with the goal to show the concentrated business performance and the high professional engagement of the participants. Personally I want to come in contact with inspiring people and ideas, learn much about creating new firms and in general benefit from the powerful atmosphere."