Self-Reflection for personal growth – What are your learnings from Startup Weekend?

04/18/2015 | By Theresa Grotendorst

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This post was written by Ümit Konuray our Startup Weekend Women Hamburg Facilitator.

The Startup Weekend Women in Hamburg is over but it is still in our head: BÄÄÄM! We all agreed to rather get stuff done instead of just talking. So we did and the result was amazing: Great products, awesome pitches, innovative approaches and intense teamwork. Congratulations to all of you!


Something magic happened on this weekend: We all grew! When it comes to knowledge, skills, experience, tools, team dynamics, self awareness we left the Startup Weekend with more than we came. This is pure growth, this is intense competence gaining.

If I asked you now to tell me all your fields of growth that you got from this weekend, would you be able to articulate them all? Immediately? I assume that you would need some moments to think about this question. Then you would come up with many unique, beautiful learning points and examples.

But there is one problem: If you do not take this time to reflect about your learning, if you do not make yourself aware of these specific points, if you are not able to compare what has changed within you in those three days, then – in the long run – you won’t be able to capitalize on your growth. You wouldn’t be able to embrace all its potential. Unfortunately this intense part of „learning“ (intense, because it takes time) is not officially included in the process of the Startup Weekend series. That is why I would love to make you aware of this fact and invite you to make use of this potential. It would be great to see your positive impact on your community, society and on the world.


This is a list of questions, that you could ask yourself. You could even discuss those questions with peers, with your team or with any other person who attended the Startup Weekend. I clustered them in different levels. There is no order, no process has been defined by me. Feel free to design your own process.

Important note: No pressure, promise! ;-)


  • Did I reach my goals, that I set for the weekend? If not, why?
  • Did I perform the way I want / that I am capable of? If not, why?
  • In which moments I was on „the edge“?
  • How were my decisions in those moments?
  • Which of my skills were appreciated by others? Why?
  • What feedback did I get by the other participants? (If you got none, ask for it)
  • Of what strengths and weaknesses am I aware thanks to this weekend?



  • What were my favourite 3 new tools that I got to know?
  • Was there any inspiring process or method?


  • How did I like the group dynamic?
  • What could have been done to improve on that?
  • Did I make use of my whole potential to have a positive impact on the group?
  • If not, what hold me back?
  • Did I speak in an open way?
  • Did I really say what I thought?
  • Have I been honest (to myself)?
  • Was I able to trust?
  • Did I receive trust by the others?
  • What did I learn from the others and their behaviours within the group?



  • What will I implement in my daily life from the gainings at Startup Weekend?
  • How will I do it?
  • With whom would I like to stay connected and why?
  • What are my next concrete steps for my personal growth?

I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon again. Thank you for making this Startup Weekend so special for me. I feel honoured to have spent these unforgettable three days with you!

Yours, Ümit


This post was written by Ümit Konuray our Startup Weekend Women Hamburg Facilitator. If you want to get in touch with Ümit follow him on Twitter @umitkonuray or drop an e-mail. Thanks Ümit for making this event as awesome as it was! :-)