Thanks to nextMedia.Hamburg – our superb medial networking supporter and Signature Sponsor

05/17/2015 | By Marnie Knorr

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Service and support has been written in capital letters since nextMedia.Hamburg was founded. Today the initiative is growing a digital ecosystem that differs vastly from classic media landscapes.

There are two common goals that we pursue: the roll-out of Hamburg being a peak positioned community for founders and start-ups and the development of new innovative business concepts.

SWHH15 is not only financially supported by nextMedia.Hamburg but participants of the event will also greatly profit from getting in contact with this top notch enabler, networker and media supplier. You may all have heard about the nextmedia.Hamburg WebFuture Award which is given out this month or maybe even have read about yourself or SWHH in their social media deck.

As nextMedia.Hamburg is a joint project of the Senat of the city of Hamburg, the initiative Hamburg@work and HWF Hamburgische Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung (Business Development Corporation) you can expect activities being fun and thereby highly effective. Whether you decide to join a pub crawl with the scouts, boost your start-up by applying for the Webfuture Award, watch Backyard TV to learn from experts or any other of their many activities such like scoopcamp.


We will make it simple to decide for you: join Startup Weekend Hamburg 2015 and meet our nextmedia.Hamburg mentor May-Lena Signus right there at betahaus Hamburg or come to our Sunday night pitches to get into touch.