Katja Manger & Jennifer Meister – Why it’s worth to attend Startup Weekend #3

02/23/2015 | By Theresa Grotendorst

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Do you wonder what it's like to attend a Startup Weekend? Still unsure whether or not to attend Startup Weekend Women Hamburg? In this series we're asking former Startup Weekend participants about their experiences and the impact of Startup Weekend in their everyday life.

This time Katja Manger & Jennifer Meister will tell us how Startup Weekend brought their Startup Coachimo to life!


Jennifer and Katja why did you attend Startup Weekend?

Katja and I had had the idea of a platform that seamlessly matches people who want to learn or improve a skill with those who can teach that skill, for several months, however we did not know where to start in making our idea a reality. The biggest challenge we faced was to find a dedicated team who were as passionate about our idea as us. We had exhausted the contacts of our friends and colleagues, so we decided to participate in Startup Weekend Hamburg in search of talent. We were not disappointed. Startup Weekend Hamburg brought together those with their own ideas and looking for the right team (like us!) and those who were looking to participate in exciting project and share their skills.

How did Startup Weekend help to make your idea reality?

Startup Weekend was the catalyst that got the ball rolling for Coachimo, that's how we named our Startup. Since July, we have been able to expand our team to include a fantastic developer and an all-round talent from the UK. In addition, we were able to develop our idea further by chatting with mentors and experts in our area. SWHH is a great resource, especially if you are looking for team members such as developers, designers and business minds. We particularly recommend that women participate in Startup Weekend, as it is a great place to get started in the previously male dominated tech industry.

What is the current status of your Startup Coachimo?

In the last few weeks we have released our landing page and are working extremely hard to launch our beta product in the spring. Without Startup Weekend, this would have been a much slower process, and might not have been possible at all! Finally, we are always on the look out for tech talent. If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested in joining a fast growing team who are passionate about building a great product, don’t hesitate to contact us at learn@coachimo.de.

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Thank you Katja and Jennifer, we wish you all the best for your Startup Coachimo! 

Find out more about the Startup Coachimo on the website or Facebook Page.

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