Resources and Support Startup Weekend Saarbruecken

10/29/2015 | By Hristo Pentchev

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A key part of every Startup Weekend is the valuable advice and assistance provided by the event’s speakers and coaches. In the spirit of “No Talk, All Action” we try to keep talks short and sweet, focusing on practical issues (i.e. “how to give a persuasive pitch”, “best approaches to customer validation”) that can actually help you and your team better achieve your weekend goals. Mentors – community experts in various fields ranging from entrepreneurship, software development, marketing, finance, law, and more – dedicate their time to providing advice and actually rolling up their sleeves and working with teams. Coaches will be in on Saturday from 2 - 6 pm and on Sunday from 10 am – 3 pm. There will be sign-up sheets for your team to choose when you want to work with specific mentors. Quick tip: sign up for mentors fast!


In addition to the most valuable resources at the weekend (the people), we’ve also put together a list of some of the most useful resources in all startup-related fields, for both before, during, and after the weekend.


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