Startup Weekend Volos: Soft drinks and juice Industry EPSA from generation to generation since 1924!!!

11/09/2014 | By Spyros Lazarou

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«Delicious» EPSA

An extraordinary lemon epic, a German and his secret recipe, form the myth which accompanies the magic history of Volos soft drinks and juice industry EPSA from generation to generation since 1924.

In 2011 EPSA innovates again and creates the first Greek organic soft drinks, “EPSA organic carbonated orangeade” and “EPSA organic carbonated lemonade”. Our EPSA BIO which are produced at Agria by certified organic lemon and orange juice and certified organic sugar, will certainly satisfy even the most demanding consumers. For the new organic soft drinks the classical EPSA glass bottle is “dressed” in an elegant sleeve. The engraved rhombus of the bottle reveals after ripping a paper bag like the ones that are still used for fresh fruits packaging to traditional greengrocers. Through this finding is revealed that the new EPSA BIO soft drinks are so close to nature that draw inspiration from real life.

A few years ago, EPSA put first in the market the light soft drinks with sweetener from the stevia plant instead of sugar, lemonade and orangeade and some time later light ice tea with stevia in two flavors green tea with pomegranate – sour cherry and rooibos tea cranberry – aronia – goji berry.

The company which has become synonymous to its product, which visitors of Pelion brought in Athens as a gift to their friends, carrying boxes along with their luggage in their cars, remains a traditional family business, ‘built’ on solid foundation of the secret recipe’s myth of the German chemical engineer Otto and the high quality in which we insist, no matter the cost.


The «savoury» EPSA, makes its way in history with continuous success. The result of the accumulated experience from all these years is the natural, traditional quality, which only EPSA’s soft drinks and juices offer to the consumers.

Our factory is wonderful. It has intensely traditional style and it gives a sense of harmony as old and new coexist in a splendidly shaped space. Located in Agria, a very nice village, only 15 minutes by car from Volos.

When ever you are nearby make a call and drop by. You are most Welcome.

Arrange a tour by appointment for groups contacting our secretary +30 24280 91901.