Top 5 Reasons to join the upcoming StartUp Weekend Budapest

05/13/2017 | By Erika Miklos

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So what really the StartUp Weekend is about?

It is a 54 hour event from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening where you build a company up from scratch. You don’t need any specific background or ideas because you’ll find your buddies, form a team and work with them while leaning and having fun.

Talking from my personal experience this event pretty much gave me a job and some of my best friends. At the time, I just got out of academia... went to the Startup weekend and fall in love with the community and the openness of people.

I had a lot of fun and some crazy brainstorming. Memories I’m still holding on. And NOW:

Here are the 5 main reasons to join this event:

1) Meeting with like-minded people

From the moment you enter the building there will be other amazing people surrounding you sharing the same interests and mindset as you do.

It’s time to make friends and work on those networking skills everyone keeps talking about!

First time I participated on the Startup Weekend I ended up getting to know people I’m still really close to and… Well, I ended up with a new job at a startup :)

2) Learning new things

In 54 hours you’ll get a chance to gain knowledge on the structure of a company and as well you’ll see the journey that an idea goes through from popping up in someone’s mind till the first sale gets done.

Get ready to be amazed!

For me one of the biggest take-aways was the importance of teamwork. I learnt a lot more on how to communicate with people and reach the best possible outcomes :)

3) Validate your idea

This is the time and place to get people reflect on what you have in mind. All ideas will be pitched at the beginning of the weekend and voted for. The ones with the top votes will then be pitched again on Sunday for the final validation by our outstanding judges.

Get the feedback needed to make your product!

Although I went to the Startup Weekend without an idea, I joined a group that was working on something I really believed in. It was amazing to get a detailed and valuable feedback that made us bring our idea further than we’ve previously imagined.

4) Get to know coaches and mentors from all around

Have you ever wanted to chat with or get advice from the top UX guys? Or maybe to hear the vision of a CEO or a Product Manager? You can do all of that here. All these talents wonder around over the weekend to give you a chance to brainstorm with them.

Put your thinking hat on!

I’ve actually met with a CEO over the Startup weekend who taught me the fundamentals of project management that I could use later on once I became part of a product team.

5) Become part of something bigger

Once the weekend is over you’ll see that this was about something bigger. You are now part of a community across 150 countries, with over 193k alumni community members and with over 2.9k events to date. Crazy numbers, aye? :)

Bring it on Friend!

Here I am 3 years after my first Startup Weekend, organizing another one in another country…. This community gave me incredible knowledge and love. Having like-minded people around you is something that a lot of people just wish for....

The startup community gives you all that :)

And now there is only one thing left.....

Get your ticket and join us on the 26th of May for this life changing experience :)