This is Kanchana's story – an UnLtd Tamil Nadu investee

05/27/2015 | By Karthik Shankar

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Name: Kanchana

Age: 35 years

Education: 10th after I did not continue my study because family situation,


Father name:  Raj,(late)

Mother name: lingammal (late)

Only one young brother: venkatesh

My father died I was 5 years old, my mother only take care us, I am from tribal community woman, our community still some place happening child marriage and they do not give important to girl children, my village our community first time I am only learned tailoring class, that time I feel role model to other girl children at my village,

Tailoring learned pried:

                1996 to 97, but up to 98 I went tailoring class because I did not have machine after my mother brought one small tailoring machine, then after 2 years one leader gave one machine (my father died he is petrol bunk) I know all kinds ladies teaching  except men dress.


I married 2005, my husband is a drank man, he did not take care about family and children, and my mother in law sold house also now I do not have house, only small hut only even though does not has electricity also, so my life is very dark period, (each side no peaceful  because without parents and husband and mother in law problem) any one does not want this kinds of life.

I have two boy children, name visual (8 years old) and siranjeeve (6 years old)

Working experience:

Tailoring Last 15 years working and manage family at my village,

Vision mission:

My aim is widow and poor young girls and women want to help at the same time they want to stand own life because I know very well this women life.

Wanted help  from Unltd Tamilnadu:

I want at least 6 big tailoring machines because small machine cannot tech all kinds of cloths and 1 oarlock machine because then only girls and women learn clearly  and particular time or pried,

 From Unltd Tamilnadu to my life become bright and my dream becomes real.

Thank you so much,


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