What A Start to Startup Weekend Bangalore @ NUMA

07/09/2016 | By Arun Maharajan

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Startup Weekend Bangalore @ NUMA was off to the rocking start yesterday!

We were very happy to see an amazing bunch of people register for the event.

  • We had people from ages 14 to 45!
  • International participants!
  • People who drove overnight from Hyderabad to be in Bangalore for this event!
  • Lots of women entrepreneurs!
  • Ideas ranging from changing India's democratic system to General AI Bots for image processing!

Anurag Maloo was very gracious to step in to facilitate the event. All his experience in facilitation came to the fore during the Half Baked Game and encouraging the pitches.

Hatim Baheranwala, the founder of Truss, inspired the attendees with stories from his life journey, the pivots, the ups and the downs, which only a self-made entrepreneur can do.

We had a 95+% pitch conversion ratio i.e. 95+% the participants pitched their ideas. It was awesome to hear the ideas. The areas included were computer science, artificial intelligence, weddings, travel, services, psychology, art, behavioral science, virtual reality, food-tech, geospatial mapping, med-tech, etc.

A night to remember!