Startup Weekend: Impressions

10/30/2014 | By Abheyraj Singh

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by Archit Malhotra

I've known about Startup Weekend for quite sometime now. Like most Delhi-wallas, I didn't attend one out of sheer laziness.

Then I finally got off the couch to go for my first event at Chandigarh, which coincidentally was the city's first event too. To begin with, it was a coverup to go out for a trip with friends and an excuse to catch up with buddies in Chandigarh. The idea and the vision of Startup Weekend always excited me, but being a student of management I never thought I had the skill set to do work on any real project let alone do something awesome. And that is where Startup Weekend changed the impression I had for myself.

Startup weekend is a wonderful reality check for people like me who never knew what they're capable of and also for those who always had an idea in the back of their head but never knew what it's worth.

I worked with a team in Chandigarh, winning the second prize in the end which was exhilarating. We were working for almost 12 hours a day to make a model, get customer validation, verifying technicalities, making the final presentation, hogging on the finger licking Punjabi food around and it ended up being a weekend full of excitement, energy, and I made a lot of friends over the span of this three days.

I’m excited to be helping organize the next Startup Weekend. Any friend could tell you how excitedly I talk about Startup Weekend, my first one and the upcoming one. It was awesome, it WILL be awesome, and you won’t regret it. I promise. It's an experience everyone deserves.