Two Things to do before 2014 ends!

10/21/2014 | By Abheyraj Singh

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by Neharika

Sounds of Diwali crackers fill my room as I write this piece. Of all the things, it is also a jolting reminder of how another year will soon pass & it will be time to turn a leaf in all of our lives. But before we turn over to this new page in an exciting anticipation of things unknown, let us mark this year with actions that would make it worth a memory to walk down years & years hence.

So let us try to figure out the recipe for a memory worth cherishing. In my opinion it should include:

The thrill of venturing towards a new destination

Accompanied by people who share the sense of thrill

Top it with a bundle of wisecracks, tales from new sailors & wisdom of seasoned travelers.

Seems like quite an adventure.

And here is Ladies n’ Gentlemen the list of two things you need to do to get on-board & make 2014 memorable:

Visit Give it a thorough read. Decide for yourself. If you like

Go to & confirm your participation.

If you like the above list of ingredients then at Startup Weekend you are assured to :

Think of a new idea

As a team, work on it with people who like it

While on the go, interact with the participants & get to engage with  start-up honchos & industry veterans

If this setting holds a prospect of making to your list of memorable events, then do come & bring along friends who share the same appetite for this recipe.

Happy Diwali!

Ps: Let’s make this Diwali more beautiful & less cracker-ing.