Startup Weekend Testimonials: Here's what some of our previous winners have to say!

02/03/2015 | By Shilpa Gopal

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The countdown has begun...less than 72 hours to go for India's third Startup Weekend Education!

In the meantime, have a look at what some of our past Startup Weekend winners have to say!

"I was feeling very great to take part in Startup Weekend Hyderabad. We came in with an empty mind and gained a lot more than we anticipated for our startup!

I remember that we brainstormed a lot while considering the great inputs poured in by our mentors. Finally on Sunday night we were declared winners after our efforts and output were taken into consideration. It was an enthralling experience! Startup Weekend is a great platform to showcase our ideas and improve them further."

-Pavan Kusuma, Startup Weekend Hyderabad Winner

"I really relished the experience I had at Startup Weekend Education in Bangalore. The whole process was brilliant. We had an amazing set of mentors who ensured that we moved from vague and idealistic goals to realistic and concrete goals. At the end of less than two and half days we had a very good feel for the whole process. This is a must for anyone even remotely considering starting up!"

-Haricharan, Startup Weekend Education Bangalore, winner

"Startup Weekend helped us collaborate with the best talents across different industries, validate our idea with target consumers and most importantly, provide us a platform to start up. I'm currently pursuing an idea which I pitched at Startup Weekend Education and some of the learnings I had there are still very relevant."

-Saahil Narang, Startup Weekend Education Bangalore, winner

“My friend pitched an idea which we worked on before the event and I pitched an idea which I randomly thought of on the spot. Surprisingly, the latter idea got pitched instead of the former. Startup Weekend is the only platform where we can meet people across all age groups who come together to build their dream ideas over a weekend. It was a great experience to meet and communicate with people from different fields and understand what they were working on. We won the Startup Weekend. All credit goes to mentors. Our talks with mentors made us understand the real problems in the market and we molded our core idea according to that. The best part of this event is its unique environment- where everyone tries their best to get their product out in 54 hours!"

-Vasu T, Startup Weekend Hyderabad winner

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