Startups battling it out at Startup Weekend Education Hyderabad! 59 Participants, 32 pitches, top 10 ideas!

02/07/2015 | By Shilpa Gopal

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59 Participants, 32 pitches, top 10 ideas

Hyderabad's first Startup Weekend Education draws to a close!

Hyderabad's first Startup Weekend Education event opened on 6th Feb with 59 participants from diverse backgrounds. The event is focused on 54 hours of creative chaos and is aimed at launching startups that solve a problem in India's education industry.

Hosted by Progress, the city's fast growing tech company, the event has teachers, aspiring edupreneurs, hackers, programmers, students, designers and business guys- creating a perfect space for conversations, brainstorming and collaborations to happen.

Yesterday's highlight was Naveen, a 2013 Startup Weekend alumni presenting the journey of his company, He spoke about still working with his 2 co founders, people he met at the Startup event. He also shared insights on sticking together as a team, different kinds of schools in the city and taking decisions on pivoting.

These are the 10 teams that are in the fray:

1. Colour me Black

Hardware intelligence for the visually impaired, currently confined to geometrical ideas.

2. Q Assess

They recognize that teachers are often overburdened with assessment work. They the team aims to create an assessment portal for each unit and create pictorial analytical reports for each kid and send to parents and teachers. Therefore, creating qualitative assessments.

3. With Flying Colours

Their focus areas are eLearing, courses with reviewing and incentives.

4. Knowledge Quest

They work on student resources and teacher resources. Murthy, a government school teacher who has been teaching mathematics for 25 years now is a participant at the event and the idea generator. He says, "this was the first time Hyderabad had an education event. I wanted to share my challenges with a peer group and share my views on grassroots challenges that are different from urban schools, which is different. This is what made me apply." Murthy is also an idea generator and his idea got voted up. He has excited about that. He says, " I am always teaching, but now I am learning"


Simplifying educational operations.

6. Future Ready Kids (Smart Projects)

Smart projects for kids(5th to 8th grade) to work on their own.

7. Project Prefix

Project Prefix aims to make the process of becoming a Chartered Accountant simpler and Gen Y friendly by embracing technology to provide effective training, 24x7 technical assistance and advisory support for all matters right from the process of registration to articleship training.

8. Moms for Mom

Bridging gaps between Students, teachers and parents. Their tagline is, "helping moms with  the right info at the right time. Seema, a mother with 10 years experience in technology and now an aspiring entrepreneur says, "As a mother I have a good understanding with my child. But when I see a mother and student child there is gap. Once, I was called into a school for a meeting and was told my child has a back log. I was not aware of this it all. Most dads are busy and not engaged in the growing years of the child. A mom in India might face challenges like filling in applications and documentation. My idea is about how moms collaborate". Seema is also an idea generator whose idea got voted up.

9. Edumaan

An initiative in Navi Mumbai to promote Skill Development (Retail,

IT/ITES, BFSI, Telecom, Security, Spoken English), helping the Urban Poor

individual/ community to be employable, earn respect in the society.

EduMaan's USP is paying in kind eg., Community Activities(Swach Bharat

Abhiyaan) etc. It is a brainchild of Smedha Sarkar, an engineer, who has

been a TeachIndia Navi Mumbai Skilling for Employability Fellow. She says, "I see that there is so much value locked in the youth. If properly

channelised, the young energy can be used not only for the development in

education but also for Nation building."

10. Happiversity

Their tagline is, "making learning fun." They aim to bring a revolution in the way one pursues his or her passion in the form of interactive 2 hour power-play learning sessions. We believe that the best way to learn is when there is a physical interaction in a live classroom with an awesome coach.

The enthusiasm is infectious and the energy is palpable. We're super excited to see where these 10 ideas go from here. Watch out for the next blog post!