My Entrepreneurial Weekend

11/04/2014 | By Jeevan Reddy G

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Sai Kiran, Campus dabbler, Vidya Jyothi Insitute of Technology, Hyderabad

Wow! Where should I start this? I should accept the fact that this was one of the most fabulous weekends I had since ages. Can you guess the time we took to create a prototype for a start-up? We did in 52 hours!So this is how this goes....

Day-1: I reached ISB after the college around 6 P.M. Though I attended ISB before for other events there always that energy you can feel in the campus. I felt the same this time too. The warm people and fabulous food are the incentives you get apart from those informative workshops. A funny event that happened with me before the event began was, I accidentally met a 50 or so aged person and asked him whether he was a professor after some general chat because he looked a lot like one. And, he replied "I am the director here at ISB!" And I was like, "Oh, gosh...". There were some amazing people and I started to doubt myself if I really belonged here because I could hardly find any student around. All were professionals working in MNCs.

We were given formal introductions and people with ideas were given a chance to pitch their ideas. I got into a group of a current ISB student. Our group had a couple of designers from Ahmedabad, Three programmers (including me),Two MBAs and one from ISB and one from BITS-Pilani. I absolutely loved the idea and got into the team. As Sheryl Sandberg said, "If you are getting a free ride to space, you gotta just get on irrespective of the position." We stayed in the campus brain-storming the ideas and trying to make the idea better.

Day-2: While the designers were busy pouring on their creativity on the paper and the MBAs busy with strategic planning, we coders were trying to get our bossy CEO(The ISBian) what he wanted, a working prototype of the idea.

We were almost done with the idea except for some tiny issues which were to be polished the next day. The dinner was on our CEO and we had some amazing food and stayed late again for making up the strategy better and making the prototype better. As our CEO said, ISB treats you like Kings and Queens with their amazing hospitality and fabulous food. The student village was indeed off the top. Beautiful rooms, cleanliness and what not... simply speaking, world-class. PERIOD

Day-3: One of our programmers couldn't make it, because guess what, he too is an entrepreneur and had some issues going on with his product. The minor issues with the prototype were verified and the bugs were debugged. Customer validation was done by the MBAs and our idea really looked promising. I really felt we had chance to win this thing. It was time to present our idea in front of an elite panel. When were done with all of that, winners were announced and we were not the one. We moved into the ISBian room. Me being an introvert didn't join their party but was just having a good time laughing to the jokes they cracked. We had a long chat varying from academics to social issues and guess what, it turns out our bossy CEO and one of the designers are poets too(I never saw that coming)! They started to share and review their work. We got a free tour of ISB and I saw people all around, playing football at 1:00 in the morning. Ufff...I don't understand when they sleep.

To conclude this, I really had some great time meeting some great enthusiastic people ranging from architects, MBAs, designers, doctors and other software professionals.