Startups battling at Startup Weekend Hyderabad Nov 21 -23

11/23/2014 | By Jeevan Reddy G

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Our three member team is combination of management, design and web/android development skills.We are developing a platform exclusively for doctors where they can discuss critical cases with doctors of the same specialisation, receive customised updates on medical developments and also report errors anonymously.

2.One Stop Shop

Aggregator service for super markets


Sports oriented mobile social network


Follow.Me! is GPS based app designed for the people who cares elder people or parents, who are not familier with smart phones, sends a route map from your mobile to parents mobile and track their position, whether they are going in a correct way or not.


Search systems for resumes

6.Venture Needs

Online social platform for sounders

7.Auto Chalte Kya

To organize Auto systems and to help the common people to get there travel with 

8.We HQA

Artificial assistant support for company


Baby care center for your bills

10.Fab Boutique

Get local botiques online


Answering Question get a recharge


we do offer all construction related services and also review, suggest, supply building materials .we act as a platform between suppliers and service seekers in construction industry.we sell,serve,supply,suggest on construction services and construction materials.

 14. Smart Bin

How many of us actually think about carbon foot print? How about to monitor your waste bins at home? Did we ever wonder what we are doing to our environment? We have a solution and they are called SMART BINS

It’s a smart waste bin that helps to monitor the food waste generated by us every day. Each Kilogram of the food we waste generates 0.72 kg of methane gas, which is the green emission gas.