15 Startup Ideas At The #SWDub Start Line

06/11/2016 | By Nubi Kay

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co


The first day of Startup Weekend Dublin ended up with 15 of 54 ideas getting the most votes to be worked on for the rest of the weekend. Teams of made up of developers, designers, and business heads have now been formed around these ideas.

While we foresee lots of pivoting, rebranding, merger and acqusition, and sadly liquidations as the weekend rolls on, here are the 15 ideas at the starting line of this edition of #SWDub.

  1. Giversal (formerly Share The Love) is an app to help you donate and track the activities of charities that you're interested in
  2. Workmate (formerly Incumate) wants to create a network of incubator type airbnb spaces for entrepreneurs


  3. Camoufleet wants to help encrypt your personal data when shopping online
  4. People For Purpose wants to enable charities accept help from experts
  5. Home Grown Hero is a compact outdoor smart box to help people grow their own vegetables
  6. Allergy Awareness wants to help consumers get allergy information from chefs


  7. Lettuce (formerly Spontify) is an app to help you easily determine activities to do spontaneously with friends
  8. Skillcloud wants to connect idea generator to implementors
  9. Hippostate.com is looking to disrupt the housing market by making real estate agents obsolete


  10. PacePal (formerly Rowing) plans to build Internet of Intelligence hardware solutions for rowers
  11. Fitelligence (formerly Wearables.ai) wants to be largest wearable company without building any devices but focus on converting data to insight


  12. Padada (formerly Mindmatch) wants to match users based on "what you like" and not "what you look like"
  13. Screaming spoon wants to design cultery that scream when not returned after use (CLOSED SHOP)IMG_5495
  14. Confident R is an app that allows you build confidence-on-demand (CLOSED SHOP)

  15. Experience is an online content repository where experts can share their knowledge (CLOSED SHOP)

Many of the teams are now hitting the streets to validate their ideas and will be engaging mentors later today. We'd be sure to keep updated on their progress via twitter - @SWDub and #SWDub.

Many thanks to @RedEyeProd for the amazing photos.