7 Irish Startups to Make Education and Learning Better

11/16/2015 | By Ruta Danyte

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success! Here's a snapshot of the event with the winners announced.

1st Place: Hello Coder

An application teaching girls to code by creating fashion.

Hello Coder team

2nd Place: NextFuture

A platform for second and third level students to work on real life projects and make better career decisions.

[caption id="attachment_32912" align="alignnone" width="300"]Next Future Team Next Future Team[/caption]

3rd Place:  Play Academy

Playful games for companies to improve team dynamics and create high performing teams.

[caption id="attachment_32913" align="alignnone" width="300"]Play Academy Team Play Academy Team[/caption]


Kids EduPro is a platform where parents can find expert advice and resources about alternative education.

Learning Mat is a multi sensory interactive collaborative learning for all age groups and subject areas.

Propeller is a platform that gives students a real world experience and companies - an affordable labour.

Learn Log is a solution for keeping track of child's well-being and creating an interactive dialogue with parents and teachers.


Quality of Ideas

As organisers we were impressed by the quality and a variety of ideas, from lifelong learning, school education to professional development - teams at Startup Weekend Education tackled all problems!

Global Startup Battle

Dublin Startup Weekend Education made it to the top 20 at Global Startup Battle, a competition of 102 startup weekends from all around the world competing during November 13-15.

Join our Community

Startup Weekend Education was the first hackathon for education and learning technology in Ireland, and as organisers we hope it will spark a community of edupreneurs! Join our new meetup group Learning Technology Ireland to continue working on ideas that change the way we learn.

Learning Technology Ireland is a community of technologists, designers, educators and entrepreneurs who come together to share knowledge. We're creating an open space to discuss problems in learning and education, and brainstorm ideas for possible solutions. Send a message to Ruta, Amy or David if you want to organise a meetup together.

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