Global Startup Battle #GSB2014

11/15/2014 | By Andreea Wade

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During the weekend prior to and following Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov 17-23), hundreds of Startup Weekend events are hosted around the world and teams from each event can compete regionally or by theme with one another via a global video competition.

What exactly is GSB?


  • The biggest startup competition in the universe :)
  • More than 200 simultaneous events and programs over 10 days
  • Where we will have over 30,000 entrepreneurs in over 100 countries rally together in the name of innovation and community each year
  • A life changing event with a legacy of high performing, long lasting teams emerging

How is this upcoming Startup Weekend different than any other?

In a 10 day period, there will be over 200 other Startup Weekends (including our event in Dublin) happening at the same time all over the world, and every team from those events will be eligible to compete in Global Startup Battle (GSB).

How is the GSB World Champ chosen?

Global Startup Battle 2014 adds an exciting new regional layer that allows you to compete first against those in your city, then those near you (in one of 6 global regions), and then globally. All along the way, judges, mentors, coaches, your city, your Organizers, and the UP team will be supporting your quest to be Champion.

Check out the official Global Startup Battle information pack here.

Round 1:

Best of the Cities

Teams who place in the top three at their local event are eligible to compete to be one of two regional champions.

Round 2:

Best of the Regions

A free for all where your team seeks votes and the love of judges. 50% of your overall score is determined by votes, the other by judges.

Round 3:

GSB Champ Crowned

2 teams from each region will emerge and square off against the rest of the Regional Champions. From the final 12 (6 regions x 2 Regional Champs), the final Champion will be named.

But it's not only the winners who get to participate in GSB. There's also a Track Champion competition. Details here.

Important Dates

Nov 14-16 - Global Startup Battle weekend 1

Nov 21-23 - Global Startup Battle weekend 2

Nov 26 - Voting begins (theme tracks)

Dec 3 - Voting ends

Dec 4-5 - Judging

Dec 6-7 - Scoring/Admin

Dec 10 - Winner Announcement

See you all next weekend! Oh... and there's a hashtag battle happening as well. Would be cool if you could use #GSB2014 during the weekend! o/