Hey #SWDub! Meet Your Final 12 Teams Pitching On The Big Stage

06/12/2016 | By Nubi Kay

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

As we get closer to the 54th hour of the Startup Weekend, pulses are raising again and the excitement is through the roof.

Ideas have been shared and validated. Teams have been formed. Mentors have given advise and now it's up to the judges to select the winning team for the big prize - All-Access to Uprise Startup Festival.

On Friday night, 54 ideas were pitched and 15 were selected to be developed through the weekend. As expected, we had some liquidations (3) as well as pivots (6). In the end, here are the 12 teams that will pitch on the big stage tonight:

  1. PacePal - (formerly Rowing) plans to build Internet of Things hardware solutions for rowers


  2. CamouFleet - wants to help encrypt your personal data when shopping online


  3. HeyStack - (formely Incumate and then workmate) wants to help conference attendees swap skills


  4. Koffee (formerly Skillcloud) wants to connect idea generators to implementors


  5. Giversal (formerly Share The Love) is an app to help you donate and track the activities of charities that you’re interested in


  6. Lettuce (formerly Spontify) is an app to help you easily determine activities to do spontaneously with friends


  7. People For Purpose wants to enable charities to accept help from experts

    People for Purpose

  8. Fitelligence (formerly Wearables.ai) wants to be largest wearable company without building any devices but focus on converting data to insight


  9. Allergy Awareness wants to help consumers get allergy information from restaurants and chefs

    Allergy Awareness

  10. Hippostate is looking to disrupt the housing market by making real estate agents obsolete


  11. Padada (formerly Mindmatch) wants to match users based on “what you like” and not “what you look like”


  12.  HomeGrow Hero is a compact outdoor smart box to help people grow their own vegetables


There you have it folks! These 12 teams will be pitching later tonight to win the audience, the judges and the big prize.

May the best team win.